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civics chapter 1


civics the study of the rights and duties
citizenship rights and duties of members of a state
citizen community member who owes the goverment and is entitled protection from it
service economy where the majoriaty of people earn their living by providing a service rather than manurfacturing a product
values broad ideas about what is good or desireble and are shared by people lin society
popular soverinty the notion that power lies with the people
institution sets of ideas that people have about obligations roles relathionships and function
naturalization legal process to become a citizen
alien noncititzen
immigrant to move to aa foriegn country
deport to send him/her to own country
goverment the ruling athourity for a community
public policy the course of action the goverment takes in response to an issue or problem
budget a plan for making or spending money
democracy a goverment in citizens has the power to rule
direct democracy people vote firsthand
republic constitutional republic
monarchy has herdity ruler king
majority rule majority of the community have the power to rule
totaltarian goverment controls mainly everything
represenative democracy goverment which citizens choose a similiar group to govern on thier behalf
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