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computer vocab 5

Bit the smallest unit of information reconized by a gamer
Byte a group of bits sturng togther to form a charchter
CPU the brain of the computer that dericts all operations necessary for a computer to run
Character a symbol genrated on the computer screen by pressing at any key
CD-ROM disks used to store data
Default a prticulair setting that is assigned automaticly by the software and remains in effect unless changed by the user
Data facts or figures that are assembled to produced needed info
Disk Drive the drive in the CPU where the disk is inserted
Edit to change contents in a document
File a document that is stored electronicly
Flash Memory faster than disk storage that can hold up to 16GB of data
Floppy Disk a storage device made of flexible plastic material on which electronic data can be recored
Format The arrangement of data for storage display and the method for achiving such an arrangement
Hard Drive a storage device typically located inside the CPU that is enclosed in a air tight case this is the main storage device of a computer and are the fastest and have the fastest and have the greatest storage capcaity
Hardware another name for computer equipment
input Device any hardware device which allows the user to enter data into the computer
Keyboard the most common method of inputting data into a computer and processing data
Modern a communications device that allows a computer to connect to the internet
Moniter the screen display
Network two or more computers that are connected together to save resorces
output device a device such as a printer that produce data to the user
printer output device that produces text and graphics on paper
RAM saves all data while the computer is turend off
Router a network device that connects two or more networks togther
save storing documents electronicly
scanner a device that take a image and put it on a word document
Storage device a hardware device capable of holding data or infromation
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