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aplus chapter 14


access task manager taskmgr.exe
task manager view the applications and process running on your computer
task manager gives information about process and memory performance,network activity, and user activity
access task manager contol plus alt plus delete
access task manager right click a blank area
access task manager control plus shift plus esc
processes tab lists system services and other processes associated with applications,together with how much cpu time and memory the process uses
applications tab status of active application
services tab lists the services currently installed along with the status of each service
performances tab provides details about how a program uses system resources
networking tab monitor network activity and bandwidth used
user tab log off a user shows all users logged on
system configuration utilitu msconfig.exe
msconfig find out what processes are launched at startup
msconfig temporarily disablea process from loading
services console used to control the windows and third party services installed on a system
computer management compmgmt.msc
compmgmt window that consolidates several administrative tools that you can use to manage the local pc or other pc on the network
microsoft management console mmc.exe
mmc windows utility that can be used to build your own customized console windows
console single window that contains one or more admin tools such as device manager
individual tools device manager disk management event viewer
snap ins individual tool
console computer management
event viewer eventvwr.msc
event viewer windows tool used for troubleshooting problems with windows,applications and hardware
most useful for troubleshooting hardware problems event viewer
reliability and performance monitor perfmon.msc
reliability and performance monitor collects records and displays events
registry editor regedit.exe
reliability monitor shows a history of the system that can help identify problems with the stability of windows
registry database designed with a treelike structure called a hierarchical database
registry database that contains configuration information for windows,users,software applications and installed hardware devices
registry during startup windows builds it up in memory and keeps it there until windows shuts down
key after the registry is built in memory it is organized into five treelike structures
hkey_local_machine(hklm) most important key and contains hardware,software and security data
hkey_current_config (hkcc) containg plug n play info about the hardware configuration
service program that runs in the background and is called on by other programs to perform a background task
performance tab provides details about how a program uses system resources
msconfig temporary fix to disable a program or service at startupbut it is not a permanent fix
services console used to control the windows and third party services installed on a system
computer management combines several administrative tools into a single easy to use access window
event viewer application security system log
event viewer most useful in solving intermittent hardware problems
hive files security accounts manager Security Software System Default
each hive is backed up with log and backup file
routine maintenace verify critical windo settings
routine maintenace clean up the hard drive
routine maintenace defrag the hard drive
routine maintenace check the hard drive for errors
routine maintenace disable or emove unwanted startup programs
routine maintenace backup data
windows indexer responsible for maintaining an index of files and folders on a hard drive to speed up searches
mount point folder on another volume for the mounted drive
space on the disk is marked as unallocated if it has not been partitioned yet
task manager displays applications and processes
two states for applications tab running or not responding
end task attempts a normal shutdown
processes tab lists system services,other processes cpu time and memory usage
processes tab identifies applications slowing down your system
process priority level determines the position cpu resource que
service program that runs in the background
service called on by other programs to perform a aspecific task
pid process identifier
kernel memory frame indicates how much ram and virtual memory the core kernel components of windows are using
system frame gives info about the overall system status
handles number of running objects used by all processes
threads number of subprocesses
up time time since the computer was last restarted
page file the first number is the amount of ram and virtual memory currently in use and the second number is total ram and virtual memory
msconfig temorary fix to disable programs or services from loading
first source of information about a hardware,application,security or windows problem event viewer
service startup types automatic manual disables delayed start
snap ins individual tools
examples of snap ins device manager disk managerment
example of console computer management
three important logs application security system
application log
security log records events based on audit policies
system log information warning and error events
perfmon.msc collects records and displays events
data collector sets help you track the performance and reliability of windows
windows experience index designed to measure the overrall performance of system
base index score lowest score of all components and identifies the bottleneck for the system
vista index score 1 to 5.9
windows seven index score 1 to 7.9
windows indexer responsible for maintaining an index of files and folders on a hard drive to speed up windows searches
index lists of locations of files
memory leak an application does not properly release memory allocated to it that it no longer needs and continually requests more memory than it needs
safe mode loads a minimum configuration of hardware and software
half again search use msconfig to enable half the services you disabled then restart the system
half again search binary search
event viewer find hardware issues
orphaned entry this entry was suppose to find a progam but it cant find it
Created by: cgeaski