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Pain Physiology

Reception, Propagation

What are the 2 types of Pain Receptors? Mecanothermal, Chemosensitive Nociceptors
What triggers a Mechanothermal Nociceptor response? Intense/Severe MECHANICAL stimuli, TEMPERATURE extremes
What is an example of a Mecanothermal Nociceptor Stimulus? Pinch
What triggers a Chemosensitive Nociceptor response? Major Truama --> releases Bradykinin, Histamine, Prostaglandins from injured cells
What is an example of a Chemosensitive Nociceptor Stimulus? major Infection, Disease, severe Burns - Cell Death
Why do 3rd degree burns have less pain that 1st or 2nd degree burns? deep tissue burns damage Chemosensitive Nociceptors
Were do A-fibers come from? from Mechanothermal Nociceptors
What are 3 characteristics of A-fibers? 1. THICK well-myelinated; 2. FAST conduction velocity; 3. 1st PAIN
Describe 1st Pain. Short, Sharp, Stinging, Well-Localized
Where does 1st pain occur? propagated from SKIN only
What are 3 characteristics of C-fibers? 1. THIN poorly-myelinated; 2. SLOW conduction velocity; 3. 2nd PAIN
Describe 2nd Pain. Long-Lasting, Burning
Where does 2nd Pain occur? propagated from Skin, Deep Tissues, Organs
What is the significance of A-fibers? responds to lower levels of injury - Early Warning, take evasive action
Wat is the significance of C-fibers? incapacitating pain - prevents further injury
Created by: Kristel