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Intro to Computers

Prep for Introduction to Computers Test

Collectively, the four operations of input, process, output and storage is considered to be the _____. Information processing Cycle
_____ conveys meaning and is useful to one or more people. Information
Any hardware component used to enter data is a(n) _____. Input Device
A stylus is a small device, resembling a _____, used to input data. Pen
The main circuitboard of the system unit is the _____. Motherboard
A gigabyte represents approximately _____ memory locations. One billion
_____ make information resulting from processing available for use. Output Devices
A printer that produces photo-quality pictures is considered to be a(n) _____. Photo Printer
The ____________ is the world's largest network. Internet
___________ is the communications standard used to transfer pages on the Web. Hypertext Transfer Protocol
______________ is a collection of unprocessed items. Data
People who use the computer or the information that it provides are called _____. User or Computer User
The case that contains electronic components of the computer used to process data is a __________. System Unit
___________ is an Internet service that provides hard disk storage online to computer users. Cloud Storage
A Utility Program will allow you to complete: Managing disk drives, printers and other media
True or False - A storage device is used to store data when the data is not being used in memory. True
True or False - A smart band is a narrow band that forms a circle on the disk surface. False
True or False - When a read/write head touches a platter it is considered to be a platter crash and results in loss of memory. False
True or False - Magnetic Disks use magnetic particles to store items on the disk's surface. True
True or False - A rootkit is a collective name for malicious software that is secretly added to a users computer that act without the user's knowledge and deliberately alter the computer's operations. False
Created by: DeannaStevens