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Chapter one vocab

Computer electronic device operating under the control of instructions stored in its own memory
computer literacy current knowledge and understanding of computers and their uses
hard ware used to enter data and instructions
input device hardware used to enter data nad instructions
output device hardware that conveys information to one or more people
system unit case that contsins the electric components of the computerthat are process data
storage media physical material on which data instructions and information are stored
storage device records and retrives items
communications device hardware components that enables a computer to send and recive data
network collection of computers and other hardware components
internet global system of interconnected computers
software collection of computer programs and other related data
system software progams that controll the the operations of a computer
operating system progams that cordinates all activites
utility program system designed to help analyze or maintain a computer
opplication software programs to make users more productive
personal computer pc's and compartibles that use windows operating system
notebook computer portable small enough to fit in your lap
game console mobile computing device used for single player
server an operating system or application
mainframe powerful processer
supercomputer frontline of current processing
engbeded computer special propose computer
telecommuting empolyes dont commute to a central place of work
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