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BCC - Windows 7 Quiz

Study on Windows 7 Chapter

True or False - Microsoft Windows 7 is the newest version of one of the most popular operating systems. True
True or False - A mouse is a pointing device. True
True or False - A graphical user interface is an interface that displays graphics only. False
True or False - The status bar provides information about the current task and controls for viewing a document in Windows 7. True
True or False - A task pane can remain open while working in a document. True
True or False - A dialog bar is displayed when Windows 7 needs to supply information to you. False
True or False - Sleep Command will save all of your work and then shut the computer down. False
A(n) _____ allows users to communicate with and control their computers. Operating System
2. Microsoft 7 _____ is an operating system version designed primarily for home use. Home Premium
The _____ shows the name of every computer user on the computer. Welcome Screen
You _____ the mouse when you move it on the screen until the pointer rests at your selected location. Point
Each _____ on a menu performs a specific action. Commmand
A __________ is a mini-program that provides continuously updated information, such as weather, news or online auctions. Gadget
Use the _____________ button to have the window fill the entire screen. Maximize
_________________ are keys you press to quickly perform a task using the keyboard. Keyboard shortcuts
A _________ is a set of computer instructions that carries out a task on the computer. Program
A _________ is a set of choices, often graphical, arranged in a grid or in a list. Gallery
Created by: DeannaStevens