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Restricting AP Trans

Presynaptic, Postsynaptic

What is the significance of Synaptic Inhibition? SUPRESSION of Spontaneous, Superfluous, Undesirable AP transmission
In which pathways is Synaptic Inhibition most important? Sensory and Motor Pathways
What are 2 ways in which POSTsynaptic Inhibition occurs? 1. release of Hyperpolarizing Neurotransmitter --> IPSP; 2. reduces/blocks Depolarizing effect of Excitatory Synapses - Stimulate Depolarization, Inhibit Hyperpolarization
What are 2 ways in which PREsynaptic Inhibition occurs? blocks Ca++ entry into Excitatory nerve terminal reducing release of Neurotransmitter substance --> Decrease IPSP
What is an example of POSTsynaptic Inhibition? Reciprocal Innervation of antagonistic muscles
What is an example of PREsynaptic Inhibition? Descending Inhibition or Habituation
Where are Synaptic Inhibitors located? NOT touching the POSTsynaptic Membrane, only the PREsynaptic Fiber
What is Habituation? PREsynaptic Inhibition - voluntary - receptor has not adapted, but Brain has
When does Descending PREsynaptic Inhibition occur? whenever there is Repetitive, Redundant information
What is the significance of Habituation? reduce distracting/monotanous information - allows concentration
Created by: Kristel