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Sensory Information

Processing of...

What are Sensory Pathways? Ascending Spinal Tracts, consolidating information from UNMIXED Sensory units --> Specific Areas of Cerebral Cortex
What are 2 examples of Sensory Pathways? ANTERIOR Spinothalamic Pathways, LATERAL Spinothalamic Pathways
What are 3 characteristics of ANTERIOR Spinothalamic Pathways? 1. carry TOUCH and PRESSURE sensation; 2. A-fibers, well-myelinated Neurons; 3. AP Velocity: 70-120 m/s
What are 3 characteristics of LATERAL Spinothalamic Pathways? 1. carry TEMPERATURE and some PAIN sensations; 2. C-fibers, poorly-myelinated Neurons; 3. AP Velocity: 1-20 m/s
What would happen if an injured Heat Receptor grew back as a Pressure Receptor? Pressure interpreted as Heat
What determines a Stimulus' INTESITY? the NUMBER of active Sensory Units and the FREQUENCY of incoming Sensory AP's
Is Stimulus Intensity infinite? there is limit to how much is perceivable
What does the Thalamus determine? CRUDE localization
How does the Thalamus determine localization? by which Sensory Pathways are active
What does the Primary Sensory Cortex determine? PRECISE localization
How does the Primary Sensory Cortex determine localization? Sensory Areas are MAPPED out - POSTERIOR to the Central Sulcus on the Cerebral Cortex
How is the exact location of a stimulus determined? by COMPARING the relative Activity and Inactivity of adjacent Sensory Units
Which areas of the Somatosensory Cortex are the largest? areas devoted to the parts used to interact with the environment
What are the 2 functions of the Parietal Association Cortex? 1. provides information regarding Previous Experience; 2. evaluates Shape/Texture and determines Implication
What is the function of the Frontal Association Cortex and Limbic System? adds Emotional and Motivational elements
What is Stimulus Peripheral Projection? mental. Assignment of stimulus to its proper External Location
What influences Stimulus Peripheral Projection? bilateral COMPARISON of the stimulus ARRIVAL times in the Brain and their relative INTESITIES
Created by: Kristel