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Flyers-Ch 1

Terms and concepts on Ch 1 Flyers DTP

A single page, inexpensive publication used to communicate with a community is called a? Flyer
A set of colors that compliment each other is known as? color scheme
A set of fonts is called? Font scheme
The appearance and shape of characters is called a? Font
An area in Publisher that shows the current pages in a document as thumbnails in a pane on the left side of the workspace is called? Page Navigation Pane
When you ____________ an object a dark border box with sizing handles and a rotation handle appear. Select
The best way to select a text box is to click its _____________. boundary
An object that holds text in a certain shape, size, and style is called? text box
A characteristic of an object such as font, spacing, alignment, line/border, fill, color, etc. is known at a? Property
To magnify an object is known as? Zoom
An area in a template in which you select and enter text is known as a? Placeholder
Which keys allow you to select all text? CTRL + A
A series of lines each beginning with a bulleted character is called? Bulleted List
A clickable list of thumbnails that show different bullet styles? Bullet Styles Gallery
A set of choices usually in a graphical form arranged in a list or grid? Gallery
Small ready-to-be scored text boxes with some combination of name, telephone, fax, email or address information? Tear-offs
To modify or change the appearance of text? Format
Adjusting the way text fits into a text box or page? Auto Fit or copy Text
Drawings, photographs, sounds, video, and media clips are known as? Graphics
A single media file, including art, sound, or animation is called ? Clip
Generic term used for photgraphs or clipart? Picture
When trying to sell something specific or describe a person or place, you should use? Photograph
When you are describing a service or general object, you should use? Clipart
A computer program that can damage files and programs on your computer is called a? virus
To easily change the basic rectangle format to a more visually appealing style you would use? Picture styles
How many picture styles are available in the Publisher Gallery? 24
A graphical or text element that you can insert into a publication is called? Building Block
This will display a wide variety of Building Block components and navigation tools? Building Block Library
An eye catching graphic that draws attention to a location on a page? Attention Getter
The gray area in Publisher that appears outside the publication page? scratch area
Which key do you hold down while dragging an object that will move the object in a straight line? Shift
Which key do you hold down will dragging an object that will allow you to create a copy of the object? CTRL
Pink lines that help you to place objects and aling objects on a page in Publisher is known as? Visual layout guides
To drag the sizing handle of an object is called? Resize
Small objects that display around an object when it is selected? Handle
Another term for publication properties? Metadata
Words or phrases that describes a publication? Keywords
A file capable of being stored and transferred electronically on a file server in order to be displayed on the web? HTML
A single file format that doesn't create supporting folders of resources> MHTML
Suitable for publishing to the web containing hyperlinks? Web Publication
Created by: mrslowe