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preventative maintenace tasks verifying windows settings,defragmenting the hard drive,checking the drive for errors
fragmentation happens overtime as windows writes files,deletes files,writes new files to your drive
preventative maintenance alleviates slow computer performance
defragmenting rearranges files on the drive into as few segements as possible
critical windows settings automatic updates,verify updates and service packs,
checkDisk chkdsk utility searches for bad sectors on a volume and recovers the data from them if possible
disk cleanup utility a way to cleanup temporary files
vista defender software explorer used to control startup programs
virtual memory uses hard drive space as memory to increase the total amount of memory available
virtual memory stored in a paging file named pagefile.ss
minimumal amount of space to keep free fifteen percent
restore points automatically created when changes made
automated system recovery xp process that allows you to restore an entire hard drive volume or logical drive to its state at the time the backup of the volume was made
batch file text file containing a series of os commands
pagefile.sys hidden file stored in the root directory of c
defrag program and command to defragment a volume
dynamic disks a way to partition one or more hard drives,in which informaion about the drive is stored in a database at the end of the drive
dynamic volumes used with dynamic disks by which you can create a single volume that uses space on multiple hard drives
swap file a file on the hard drive that is used by the os for virtual memory
mount point a folder that is used as shortcut to space on another volume which effectively increases the size of the folder to the size of the other volume
mounted drive a volume that can be accessed by way of a folder on another volume so that the folder has more available space
pagefile.sys windows 2000/xp/vista swap file
restore points a snapshot of the xp vista system usually made before installation of new hardware or applications
system restore xp vista utility used to restor the system to a restore point
system state data xp and 2000,files that are necessary for a successful load of the operating system
user profile namespace group of folders and subfolders in the c:\users folder that belongs to a specific user account
virtual memory a method whereby the os uses the hard drive as though it were ram
wildcard a * or ? character used in a command line that represents a character or group of characters in a filename or extension
fragmentation file pieces in segments all over the hard drive
reasons to defragment read write head moves all over to find a file.data recovery utilities may not work
to fully defrag a drive fifteen percent must be free
checkdisk error checking
Created by: cgeaski