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active directory a windows server directory database and service that is used in manageing a domain to allow for a single point of administration for all shared resources on a network
administrator account grants rights and permissions to all hardware and software resources
answer file the answers to installation questions in a text file or script
boot loader menu gives the user a choice of which operating system to load
boot partition partition where the windows operating system is stored
client/server a computer concept whereby one computer,client,requests info from another computer,server
disk cloning drive imaging
distribution server holds setup files used to install windows on computers networked to the server
domain a logical group of networked computers that share a centralized directory database of user account information and security
drive imaging disk cloning
dual boot allows you to install the new os without disturbing the old one so you can boot to either os
global account domain user account
loadstate a command used by the usmt to copy user settings and data temporarily stored on a server or removable media to a new computer
local account user account that applies only to the user computer.cant acces resources on the other computer
peer to peer a network of computers that are all equal.same amount of authority.act as a server to other computers
product activation prevent unlicensed use of software
scanstate a command used by the usmt to copy user settings and data from an old computer to a server or removable media
sysprep.exe windows utility used to remove configuration settings such as the computer name
system partition active partition of the hard drive
unattended installation store the answers to installation questions in a text file or script
user state migration tool a windows xp vista utility that lets you transfer settings and data from old pc to new pc
windows anytime upgrade upgrade to a better version without having to redo the installation
windows easy transfer vista uses to copy user data and settings from one computer to another ,used when a windows domain is not involved
workgroup a logical group of computers and users that share resources where administrators,resources and security on a workstation
windows XP home does not include remote desktop,multilingual capabilities,roaming profiles and support for high end users
windows xp professional features does include remote desktop,multilingual capabilities,roaming profiles and security features
windows vista ultimate includes every feature available
windows vista enterprise additional security feature called bitlocker.multiple site licensing available
windows vista home basic designed for low cost sytems that dont require full security and networking features.support for 32 and 64 bit processors
windows vista home premium includes additional features such as aero user interface
windows vista business loose media features
windows vista starter most limited features and intended for developing nations
purchase options retail or oem
oem only be installed on new pc
windows xp media center edition enhanced version of xp pro additional support for digital entertainment
system partition active partition
one reason to use a 64 bit os install more ram
clean install turn on pc and boot directly to the disc itself
upgrade install launch installation from os already running
recommended requirements of an OS 512mb ram 800mhz processor 20 gb hard drive cd rom
hardware requirments for vista versions 1gb ram 1 ghz processor 40 gb hard drive 128mb graphics memory dvd rom
requirements for vista home basic 512mb ram 32 mb memory dvd rom 20 gb hard drive
bitlocker vista enterprise security feature used to secure data on a hard drive if it is stolen
sysprep.exe to remove configuration settings such as a pc name
master boot record keeps track of where partitions are stored on the hard drive
dual boot used if unsure about devices working on the system
installation methos depends on circumstances and available hardware
installation choices boot media network installation hard drive image, recovery cds dvds, factory recovery partitions
drive imaging a copy of the entire volume on which windows is installed to another bootable media such as a cd
examples of drive imaging software true image norton ghost clonezilla
factory recovery partition hidden files on a hard drive that can be used to recover windows
virtual machine software that simulates the hardware of a physical computer
examples of virtual machine programs virtual pc VMware
reasons to use a virtual machine train users support multiple operating systems run legacy software
reason to need a dual boot verify that hardware and applications work before deleting old systems
master boot record keeps track of where the partitions are located on the drive
clean install overwrite existing operating systems and applications
advantage of upgrade installation most os settings are carried forward to the new environment
global account domain level account
usmt a command line tool that works only when the new vista or xp system is a member of the windows domain
active partition always primary partition
system partition pc boots from
boot partition loads the windows operating system
loadstate command used to copy info to a new computer
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