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computer apps 13

processor (computer) is a small chip that takes in and gives out information.
motherboard the main circuit board in a laptop or computer.
RAM stands for "random access memory" and is pronounced like a male sheep.
hard drive the hard drive stores all your data
flash drive is a small plug in containing flash memory and a built in USB cord
Browser A computer browser is a search engine like Google or Firefox
Byte a byte is a measurement that can hold 256 different values
Bit the term "bit" comes from the phrase "binary dig IT" a full page of text is 16,000 bits.
heat sink A computer's CPU when it works it gets hot if it's not kept in sink it will over heat and destroy it self
video card most of the processing on a computer is the CPU, to give that a break the video card takes the place of the CPU
software software are the things that are on your computer like games or different cd's or anything else
USB Stands for "Universal Serial Bus." it's the most common port in most computers
Disk drive A disk drive is a device that reads and/or writes data to a disk
CD-R Stands for "Compact Disc Recordable."
CD-RW Stands for "Compact Disc Re-Writable."
Hyperlink a hyperlink is a word phrase or image that takes it to another website
Application An application, or application program, is a software program that runs on your computer.
jpeg The term actually stands for "Joint Photographic Experts Group"
Download This is the process in which data is sent to your computer.
upload While downloading is receiving a file from another computer, uploading is the exact opposite.
Created by: wcscps1213