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Net+ Chapter 2

Network Models

Two systems on the same network may share the same MAC address. T or F False
In a wired network, a charge on a wire represents a zero while no charge represents a one. T or F False
A NIC is not concerned about the contents of the data part of a frame. T or F True
The network administrator assigns the divisor or the key used in a cyclic redundancy check. T or F False
When a frame arrives at the hub, the hub makes an exact copy of the frame and sends it to every other system on the network. T or F True
When the NIC sends a frame that contains the broadcast address, every NIC on the network processes that frame. T or F True
A router allows you to connect networks with different types of cabling or frames. T or F True
Routers use logical addresses as their unique identifiers. T or F True
A network protocol is special software that allows a network to use logical addressing in order to move data from one subnet to another. T or F True
How many layers does the OSI model contain? 7
How long is a MAC address? 12 hexadecimal characters
A MAC address is composed of which two parts? the organizationally unique identifier and the unique device ID of the NIC
Which of the following is another name for a MAC address? physical
NICs send and receive binary data as pulses of all of the following except ____. a. electricity b. radio waves c. gamma rays d. light c. gamma rays
What must match in the communication between all NICs on a network? MAC address
What is length of the typical frame? 1500 bytes of data
What best describes what happens to frames when the hub sends them to the NICs on the network? The frames are received by every NIC, but only the NIC with the matching MAC address
Where does the CRC come from in a network frame? the sending NIC attaches it
What is a broadcast MAC address? FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF
Routers have which of the following capabilities? They allow you to connect networks with different types of cabling or frames.
Which statement best describes an IP address? It is a unique dotted decimal number assigned to every network node
Which standards organization is named for the Greek word for "equal"? ISO
Which layer of the OSI model manages the connections between machines on the network? Data Link
When it receives data from the upper layers, which layer of the OSI model assembles the data into smaller pieces called packets? Network
Which layer of the OSI model uses routers and IP addresses to ensure that packets arrive at the correct system? Network
Which layer of the OSI model adds source and destination MAC addresses to frames? Data Link
In some networks data moves over radio waves, which fall into which layer of the OSI model? Physical
What best describes Logical Link Control? It is a sublayer of the data link layer.
Anything that moves data from one system to another, such as cabling or radio waves, is part of this layer of the OSI model. Layer 1
Which layer of the OSI model is the only layer divided into two sublayers? Data Link
For a network tech, one benefit of understanding the OSI seven-layer model and how traffic in an actual network works through the model is applying this knowledge to ____ networks. troubleshoot
What device do you need to split a large network into smaller ones? router
How does the receiving station on a network use the CRC to verify that it received accurate data? It uses the same divisor as the sending station to find the same remainder.
What is the network layer unique identifier assigned to each device on a TCP/IP network? IP address
Routers function at which layer of the OSI model? Network
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