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Careers 121212


work you do for pay job
a series of related jobs built on foundation of interest, knowledge, training, and experience career
the way you use your time, energy and resources lifestyle
the ways in which a group produce, distributes, and consumer its goods and services Economy
the ways i which the world's economies are linked Global Economy
the demand for particular job job market
essential workplace skills scans skills
reading, writing, listening, and speaking basic skills
creative thinking, problem solving thinking skills
responsibility, self-esteem, self-management personal qualities
an organized group that sets goats, makes decisions, and implements actions within a company team
businesses hire other companies to produce their serveries or products outsourcing
employees work from home using computer, fax, and telephone telecommuting
your potential for learning a skill aptitude
an already developed skills ability
the combination if your attitudes, behaviors, and characteristics personality
the way you see yourself self-concept
researching through books, websites and magazines formal research
using the computer, especially the internet to research and look for jobs internet job services
a short informal talk with someone who works in a career that appeals to you exploratory interview
working less than 40 hours a week in order to make money and gain experience part time job
learning job skills while still in high school work experience programs
high school teaming up with local businesses to educate students cooperative programs
following a worker for a day in order to find out what they do job shadowing
not getting paid for a job, but a worker is learning valuable skills, and it is always a good thing to put on a resume volunteering and internships
community service job service learning
your physical and social surroundings work environment
worker are able to construct their own schedules flextime
extra that a company may provide to an employee fringe benefits
comparing and contrasting sets of data to rank them and determine winners evaluation
a chart that is used to compare your personal and career possibility personal career profile form
the 7th and final step in the process. planning a course of action individual career plan
on site instruction on how to perform a particular job on the job training
learning how to do a job through hand on experience apprentice
a school that offers skills-oriented programs, like automotive, or computer courses vocational technical centers
a privately run institution that trains students for a particular job trade school
two year program that offer associate degree and certificates community and technical colleges
four year degree four year college
on going education programs that help to better a person's skills continuing education
the largest employer in the u.s. after the military, a person can get college paid for military service
information about a job opening job lead
the number one way people find a job. networking
a list of people that you know contact list
someone who you have been directed to referral
bringing school and businesses together to gain experience school to work programs
a call to referral or to follow up lead hot call
blind call, you don't know the person on the other end side of the phone cold call
agencies that help you find a job employment agencies
issued by the federal government social security number
restricted the hours that you can work work permit
professional language used i the workplace standard English
a form that asks questions to a perspective employee about their history job application
people that can recommend you to a employee reference
a brief summary of your personal information, education, and interests resume
most commonly used format, list education, experience, and interests chronological resume
emphasizing work history, used most commonly if person has gaps in their employment skills resume
posting resume on websites electronic resume
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