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SWAC Nutrition

Basic energetics of meat, nuts, grains and beans

Grain-fire element, neutral, sl. cool, bitter, sweet, dries damp, alkaline Amaranth
grain-water e., cooling, salty, tonifies K yin, drains damp, increases urination, goes to the lower jiao, soothes inflamed membranes Barley
grain-water e., tonifies K yang, warming, salty, alkaline Buckwheat
grain-fire e., neutral, bitter, H and SP Corn
grain-earth e., cool, sweet, moistens dryness, highly alkaline Millet
grain-neutral, sl. bitter, glossy, calms nervous sx, sl. acid Oats
grain-warm, sour, tonifies yin, fairly alkalanizing Quinoa
grain-metal e., neutral, sweet, L/LI, ST/SP, tonifies qi, drain damp Rice
grain- warms yang, bitter Rye
grain-wood e., sour, calms the mind, nourish LIV yin, mildly astringent, very cooling, acid forming Wheat
meat-earth e., warm, sweet, ton.SP/ST/K, builds xue & muscle Beef
meat-metal e., warm Goat
meat-fire e., very warm, sweet, bitter, pungent, nourish H, K and xue Lamb
meat-water e., neutral, salty, lubes dryness, ton. K Pork
meat-wood e., warm, sour, sl. astringing, can create heat in the blood, HOT, drying Chicken
meat-part of wood e. animal, nourish xue, ton. LIV & K yin Chicken liver
meat-neutral, salty, sweet, moves water passages, nourish LIV & K Duck
seafood-very warm, salty, ton. K yang Mussels
seafood-cold, salty, softens hardness, detox, ton. LIV & K, cool ST heat Clams
seafood-neutral, salty, sweet, ton. K & LIV yin, ton. blood Oyster
seafood-cold, salty, moves blood stagnation, cools LIV & ST Crab
seafood-warm, sweet, salty, ton. K yang Shrimp
meat-neutral, sweet, ton. blood, lube dryness, jing Eggs
meat-part of, cool, sweet, lubes the lungs, moistens/cools throat Egg white
meat-part of, warm, sweet/salty, tonifies blood and jing Egg yolk
meat-part of, cool, cools ST heat, high in ca+ and magnesium, gastric ulcers Egg shell
bean-neutral, sweet, sour, drains damp from 3 jiaos via MJ Aduki
bean-warm, sweet, ton. K & blood Black
bean-neutral, cool, sl. sour, balanced yin&yang, Black Eyed Pea
bean-sl. cool, sweet, sour, yin nourishing, heart Garbanzo
bean-cool, sweet, nourish yin fluids, ton. K Kidney
bean-neutral, mild diuretic, ton. K, easy to digest Lentil
bean-cool, sweet, sour, ton. LIV and L, alkalizing Lima
bean-neutral, sweet, sour, calms the LIV, harmonizes digestion Split Pea
bean-cool, sweet, moisten dry intestines, clears toxins Soy bean
bean-cool, detox, LIV, LIV heat Mung
nuts/seeds-metal e., warm, sweet, L & LI, transforms phlegm, alleviates cough, lubes intestines, relieves qi stag in L Almonds
nuts/seeds-warm, sweet, H, produces fluids liquid-cool, clears summer heat, quenches thrist Coconut
nuts/seeds-warm, sweet, lubes L and intestines Peanut
nuts/seeds-warm, sweet, lubes L and intestines, mild laxative Pine nut
nuts/seeds-neutral, sweet, bitter, nourish SP/ST, high in zinc Pumpkin seed
nuts/seeds-warm, sweet, bitter, ton. qi Sunflower seed
nuts/seeds-warm, sweet, ton. K & L, nourish brain, enrich sperm, K yang Walnut
nuts/seeds-nouirsh yin, soothe inflammation, omega 3s Flax seed
nuts/seeds- white-cool, sweet, lubes dryness, relieves constipation black-warm, sweet, ton. K & LIV, yin and xue Sesame seed
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