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forestry vocab a


Aboitic Nonliving factor in an enviroment
Abeny Level An instrument used to measure angle of elevation or depression
acid Substances with a pH of less than 7.
acid rain Rain, snow, or other forms of water that are made more acid by the waste gases that come mainly from the burning of coal and oil products
acorn the fruit of an oak tree; single seeded; popular wildlife food
active solar power A solar energy collection system in which water, air, or another heat-absorbing fluid is actively pumped. from the sun, the fluid is stored in insulated tanks until the heat energy is needed. acre A unit of measurement of land equal
adapted The process of making adjustments to the environment.
adipose fin The fatty fin on some species of fish, such as catfish and bullheads.
aerate To supply with air or oxygen
aerobic Living or occurring only in the presence of oxygen
aesthetic Sensitivity to or appreciation of beauty through recognition of its unique and varied components or through its orderly appearance.
aestivation Dormancy, typically seasonal
afforestation The establishment of a forest on an area not previously forested
age, rotation The age at which a tree stand is considered ready for harvesting under the adopted plan of management.
aggregate To gather into a group or mass
air quality A gauge of the concentration of one or more chemicals in the atmosphere that could potentially be harmful to humans, other animals, vegetation, or materials.
algae Any of numerous chlorophyll-containing plants of the phylum Thallophyte, ranging from unicellular to mufticellular forms in fresh or salt water.
alidade An instrument used in fire towers to locate forest fires. The alidade is equipped with sights for determining the direction of a fire.
all-aged Applies to a stand of trees where (theoretically) trees of all ages are found.
alkalinity The alkali concentration or quantity
allantois Part of an egg that receives waste from the embryo.
alluvial deposits Sedimentary deposits (like a delta) in fresh water
amnion A thin, fluid-like sack that encloses the embryo in an egg
amphibole Easily weathered group of minerals that provides calcium and magnesium; not as abundant as feldspars
anadromous Any species of fish that lives in saltwater and spawns in freshwater. Some examples are salmon, shad, and striped bass.
anaerobic An organism, like bacteria, that lives without the presence of oxygen
anal fin The fin found on the lower portion of a fish’s body near the tail.
angiosperm Any class of flowering plants characterized by seeds that are fully enclosed by fruits.
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