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surgical instruments

Sandy's surgical instruments

UTERINE CURETTE Used to remove minor polyps, secretions and bits of placental tissue. Available in several sizes.
VAGINAL SPECULUM Used for vaginal examination. Available in small, medium, large reusable and disposable.
RECTAL SPECULUM Used for rectal wall examination.
ANOSCOPE Used for anal area and lower rectum examination. Approximately 3 1/2" in length.
SIGMOIDOSCOPE Used to examine sigmoid bowel area. Approximately 10" in length and equipped with illumination light.
NASAL SPECULUM Used to spread the nostrils for examination for polyps or to introduce applicators and /or nasal snare in the nose.
STERILIZER/TRANSFER FORCEP Used to retrieve sterile packs from autoclave and in setting up sterile field.
EAR SYRINGE Used to inject a stream of fluid into the ear canal for cerumen removal (ear irrigations). Available in metal, glass and plastic.
ASEPTO SYRINGE Used for various irrigations (ear, wound and urinary).
BULB SYRINGE Used for children for ear and eye irrigations and for suction of nasal passageways.
LITTAUER SUTURE REMOVAL SCISSOR Used to cut sutures to be removed.
STETHOSCOPE Used for auscultation (listen) of sounds produced by the heart, lungs and bowel.
PERCUSSION HAMMER Used in general exam for testing reflexes.
TUNING FORK Used to test audio perception (hearing), may also be used during neurological examination,.
OPHTHALMOSCOPE Physical examination of optic nerve, retina and blood vessels of the interior of the eye.
OTOSCOPE Examination of the ear canal. This instrument provides magnifying lens and light source.
DIACKTAPE Resembles masking tape. Black lines appear on tape after successful sterilization. Used to secure packs of instruments ect. Prepared for sterlization.
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