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GoJet Rest & Duty

Rest & Duty Regulations

A flight attendant may not be scheduled for more than ___ hours of duty. 14
Are there any circumstances that could cause a flight attendant to be on duty for more than the maximum number of scheduled duty hours? Yes.
If so, what circumstances could cause this? Weather conditions or maintenance.
Is there a limit to the number of flight hours in a duty period? No.
The minimum number of hours required for normal crew rest consists of ___ hours. 9
Could a flight attendant's rest be reduced? Yes.
If so, what is the minimum number of hours his or her rest could be reduced to? 8
Could a flight attendant's rest be reduced for two consecutive days or evenings? No.
If a flight attendant's rest is reduced, what is the minimum number of hours required for rest on the following day or evening? 10
Could a flight attendant be scheduled to fly for seven consecutive days? No.
How many hours of rest must a flight attendant have after six consecutive duty days? 24
Is the van ride to and from the hotel and airport considered part of crew rest? No.
How many minutes after block in does crew rest begin? 15
If a flight attendant has worked six days in a row, could he or she begin recurrent training on the seventh day? Yes.
If so, when would he or she be legal to fly again? After 24 hours of legal rest.
If a flight attendant lives in SGF and is based in STL, does duty time begin when the flight attendant gets on a flight in SGF to commute to domicile? No.
If not, when does duty time begin? 45 minutes before departure time.
Date DD
FLTNO Flight Number
DPS-ARS City Pairs (Departures/Arrivals)
DEPT Departure Time
ARRV Arrival Time
BLKT Block Time
GRNT Ground Time
TBLK Total Block Time
TDHD Deadhead Credit
TCRD Total Credit
TPAY Total Pay
TDUTY Total Duty Time
LAYOVER Layover Time
Pairing # The process of combining flights into patterns.
Report Time 15 minutes prior to boarding time. Showtime or the base report time you need to be on the aircraft for duty.
Hotel / Phone # Hotel you / crew are staying at for a layover.
Total Block Hours Total hours of flying or credit hours.
Total Trip Credit Hours Hours you are actually paid for flying.
TAFB Time Away From Base (per diem expense pay). This will be non-taxable income.
Taxable per diem. Is for all Base Reports that conclude @ Base for 1 day assignments, including airport reserves & stand-up shifts. (When calculating: Duty End Time-Your Base Report Time)
Non-Taxable Per Diem Calculating for a multiple day trip: Base Report Time (1st Day) from 24 hours, after that 24 except the final day which is = to your end time.
Created by: woodspritedelite
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