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Arkansas CTI Unit 3

Address book a feature of some email applications that stores names and email addresses in an accessible format
Artificial intelligence type of software that can process information on its own without human intervention
Browser software program used to retrieve document from the World Wide Web (WWW or Web) and to display them in a readable format
Cache a storage location on a computer's hard disk used to temporarily store Internet files
Client a computer that uses the services of another program
Computer crime criminal act committed through the use of a computer, such as getting into someone else's system and changing information or creating a computer virus and causing damage to others' information
Computer fraud manipulation of a computer or computer data in order to obtain money, property, or value dishonestly or to cause loss
Computer-based learning using the computer for learning and instruction
Cookies small text files created by some Web pages when you visit the site that may include information about your preferences for the Web page; cookie files are stored on your computer
Copyright the exclusive right granted by law for a certain number of years, to make and dispose of literary, musical, or artistic work
Domain name identifies a site on the Internet
Electronic commerce business conducted over the Internet; also called e - commerce
Electronic mail transmission of electronic messages over networks
Extranet a network configuration that allows selected outside organizations to access internal information systems
Hacking invading someone else's computer, usually for personal gain or just for the satisfaction of invading someone else's computer
Hits any time a piece of data matches search words you specify
Home page first page that is displayed when a browser is launched
Hub a junction where information arrives from connected computers or peripheral devices and is then forwarded in one or more directions to other computers and devices
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) protocol that controls how Web pages are formatted and displayed
Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) protocol that defines how messages are formatted and transmitted over the World Wide Web
Identity theft the crime of obtaining someone else's personal data and using it for financial gain or to defraud or deceive
Internet the largest network used as a communication tool
Intranet a network designed for the exclusive use of computer users within an organization that cannot be accessed by users outside the organization
Keywords words that describe the information the user is trying to locate
Navigation ability to move through a Web page
Netiquette often used to describe rules for proper online behavior
Newsgroup discussion forum or a type of bulletin board
Plagiarism claiming someone else's words as your own
Public domain information or content to which copyright protection does not apply and that is available for anyone to copy
Router a device that directs traffic on a network by dividing data into smaller packets that travel by different routes and then are reassembled at their destination
Search engine software program used to search the Internet through the use of keywords
Server a computer that handles requests for data, e-mail, file transfers, and other network services from other computers (clients)
Software piracy the illegal copying or use of computer programs
Spam unsolicited commercial e-mail that is sent to many people at the same time to promote products or services; also called "junk" e-mail
Spider program that searches the Web; called a spider because it crawls all over the Web
Uniform Resource Locator (URL) address that tells the browser where to locate the page; it is typed into the address bar
Virtual reality an artificial environment used in education, medicine, training, research, and other fields
Voice recognition input devices that are used to issue spoken or voice commands to the computer
Web server computer that houses and delivers Web pages
Wildcard character the asterisk ( * ) symbol; used to search for words that the user is not sure how to spell or for word variations
Worm computer virus that makes many copies of itself, resulting in the consumption of system resources that slows down or actually halts tasks
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