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VA 08/2012

CE 2012

immed annuity pays out typically w/in one month but no longer than one year
deferred annuity accumulate funds for long term. 8-10 yrs or more
accumulation units when a VA owner invests in the contracts subaccts the purchase accum units
how often do insurers revalue accum units in sub accts? daily
how is the valuation of accum units done? assets in acct - fees and expenses/# of outstanding shares example: 1000000 in acct -50k fees and exp/79k outstanding shares = $12.03 per unit
2 approaches insurers use to determine surrender charges account value method and premium deposit method
account value method assess a surrender charge based on some % of the contracts value
premium deposit method calculates surrender charge based on the amount of the invested premium applying a % that usually declines annually over the surrender charge period
c share annuities have no load and no surrender charges these also have M&E lower rates as well
what is the usual free w/d on an annuity 10% of accumulated contract annually, these are usually available after the first contract year
asset allocation is based on what 3 variables? investor's objectives, timeline and risk tolerance
VA asset allocation Options sub accts and automatic asset allocation programs (portfolio Optimization)
life cycle accts these are VA sub accts, ea.of these accts invests in a variet of funds, they make up a diversified assed mix
how do life cycle accts change the gradually grow more conservative as time goes by
portfolio optimization investor selects a specific model that aligns with their investment profile (moderate, conservativ, aggressive, etc) then their premiums are deposited into sub accts that make up that type of model acct
dollar cost averaging acquires securities in a systematic reg purchases instead of a lump sum purchase
annuity purchase rate the amount of monthly income that each $1,000 of an annuity contract’s values will generate upon annuitization
what are the two ways sytematice w/d's can be taken from an annuity? specified dollar amount or specified unit amount
do systematic w/d's get the same tax treatment as annuitization? no, they are treated as all interest until all interest in account is exhausted.
GLB Riders Guaranteed Living Benefits rider,
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