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Blu ray Disc an optical technology that uses the udf version 2.5 file system and a blue laser beam
card reader media reader
compact disc optical disc used to store digital data.
compact disc file system cdfs
constant linear velocity a cd rom format in which the spacing of data is consistent on the cd
data cartridge a type of tape medium typically used for backups
digital versatile disc dvd
half life life expectancy
joint photographic experts group jpeg
lands smooth and level areas.are ones.
media reader port either attached to or a part of a computer.
memory card A memory card (sometimes called a flash memory card or a storage card) is a small storage medium used to store data such as text, pictures, audio, and video, for use on small, portable or remote computing devices
musical instrument digital interface midi
minicartridge only 3
MP3 lossy compression algorithm is designed to greatly reduce the amount of data required to represent the audio recording and still sound like a faithful reproduction of the original uncompressed audio for most listeners
pits recessed areas on the surface. are zeros
sequential access read in order
removable storage devices solid state devices external hard drives tape drives
tagged image file format a flexible, adaptable file format for handling images and data within a single file, by including the header tags (size, definition, image-data arrangement, applied image compression) defining the image's geometry
tv tuner card receives input from tv cable and view it on monitor
universal disk format file system a CD-ROM and DVD file system standard developed as a means of ensuring consistency among data written to various optical media, by facilitating both data interchange and the implementation of the ISO/IEC 13346 standard.
video capture card captures video input and saves it to hard drives
solid state device memory chips no moving parts
flash memory devices sdhc microsdhc minisdhc sd
three variations of surround sound 5.1 7.1 9.1
flash memory devices sony memory stick pro microsd
store data digitally ones and zeros
operations performed on sound recording saving replaying mixing editing
port types input output
input ports microphone cd dvd
output ports speakers
each channel is digital no background noise
onboard sound sound built into motherboard
soundblaster defacto standard for sounds on a pc not a written in stone standard but a generalized understanding
internal input connectors connect directly to cd or dvd drive
mpeg moving pictures expert group
sound file extensions wav aif
internal input connectors analog or digital sound bypasses the cpu
examples of usb drives flash pen jump drive key drive thumb drive
breakout box provides multiple ports and connects to the card using a short cable
examples of solid state devices usb drives flash memory cards
most common flash memory devices secure digital high capacity compact flash
removable storage devices usb drives tap drives zip drives memory card
shorter blue laser beam allows blu ray discs to store more data than a dvd
media reader provides slots for memory cards can be external or internal
clv the speed of the disc varies depending on whether the data being read is near the center of the disc
udf universal disk format
cdfs compact disc file system
cd dvd use red laser beams
cd data is written to only one side
optical disk data one continuous spiral of equal length sectors
constant linear velocity disc spins faster when then read write head is near the center of theh disc
single sided single layer dvd 4.7gb
single sided dual layer dvd 8.5gb
double sided single layer dvd 9.4gb
double sided dual layer dvd 17gb
double sided single layer bd 25 gb
double sided dual layer bd 50 gb
cd rom silver
cd r blue black
cd rw blue black
dvd - rom read only memory
dvd-r recordable single layer
dvd - r dl recordable in dual layers
dvd - rw rewriteable
dvd- rw dl rewriteable dual layers
dvd + r recordable
dvd+r dl recordable dual layers
dvd +rw rewriteable
dvd-ram rewriteable and eraseable
bd-rom read only
bd-r recordable
bd-re rewriteable
HP lightscribe
half life time it takes for the strength of the medium to weaken by half
external hard drives method of keeping backups of data stored on your hard drive
external hard drives can be magnetic or solid state drives
usb 480 mb
biggest disadvanatge of tape drives need to read in sequential access
sequential access have to access the date from start to end in order
tape drives full size data cartridges and data cartridges
twain teechnology without an interesting name
twain standard format for transferring images
jpeg compressed file
tiff uncompressed file
mp3 method of storing a sound file in compressed format
midi method of digitially describing and storing every individual note played by each instrument in making music
midi musical instrument digital interface
midi set of standards that represent music i digital form
bds use what file system udf 2.5
two types of file formats for images jpeg tff
video capture card allows you to capture input from a camcorder or directly from tv
plug n play pc recognizes it without installing drivers
internal optical drive uses SCSI PATA SATA interface
four choices for drive installations primary master primary slave secondary master secondary slave
sata connections all hard drives
cd hold 700 mb of data
eide drive pata drive
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