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Micro exam

Microbiology final exam questions/answers

Capsule consist of a surface polysaccharide layer (smooth bacteria) prevent ingestion by phagocytic cells in pathogenic bacteria
Horizontal Gene transfer: Transformation
Which of the following structures contains genes for enzymes and antibiotic resistance? Plasmid
Which of the following is the most important structure related to microbial attachment to cells? Glycocalix
Which of the following is not a gram-negative bug? Clostridium perfringens
Which of the following is not true related to endotoxins? Endotoxins are secreted from cells.
Which of the following microorganisms stain well? Escherichia coli
Mycobacterium tuberculosis - Lowenstein-Jensen agar
Haemophilus influenzae – Chocolate agar
Fungi - Sabourand's agar
Neisseria gonorrhoeae – ?
Cellulitis – Pasteurella multocida
Tularemia – Francisella tularensis
Gastritis – Heliobacter pylori
Lyme disease – Borrelia burgdorferi
Syphilis- Treponema pallidum
Lyme disease Borrelia burgdorferi
? Yersinia enterocolitica
Which of the following is true concerning Staphylococcus aureus? is related to inflammation. can cause pneumonia can lead to acute bacterial endocarditis
Which of the following signs and symptoms is linked to Haemophilus influenzae? Otitis media Pneumonia Epiglottis
The Tsetse fly is a transmission factor for which of the following organisms? Trypanosoma gambiense
The Ixodes tick is a transmission factor for which of the following organisms? Babesia
Chagas' disease is commonly treated with Nifurtimox and is linked to the ____ microorganism Trypanosoma cruzi
Which of the following is fungal related? Cryptococcus neoformans
Which of the following is a DNA virus? Adenovirus
The Tzanck test is used on which of the following viruses? VZV HSV-2 HSV-1
Which of the following microorganisms has been linked to UTI's? E. coli Pseudomonas Klebsiella
Vibrio cholerae Gram-
Escherichia coli Gram-
Bordetella pertussis Gram-
Clostridium perfringens Gram+
Which of the following microorganisms stain well? Escherichia coli
Tyle I Hypersensitivity Hay fever, bee sting, IgE - immediate can cause anaphylatic shock
TypeII Hypersensitivity Drug reactions, cross placenta barrier, blood transfusion, IgG - hours
Type III Hypersensitivity Systemic lupus, erythematosis, immune complex, IgG - hours
Type IV Hypersensitivity Poision ivy, tuberculin test, Thi inflammatory response, cell-mediated, delayed can be several days.
Peptidoglycan cross-linked peptides- maintains cell shape
Pili straight projections composed of pilin - adherence to surfaces, exchange of DNA via conjugation
Flagella hook and motor, purpose is motility
Leukocytosis Increase in WBC
Endotoxin released when microbe damaged or lysed most common: Gram- Lipid A
Lipid A can cause: Hemorrhaging and Cardiovascular shock
Basophils and mast cells due what: stimulate inflammation
iodoxuridine used to treat: hepatic keratis
Algae are classified as: eukaryotes
Protozoans are classified as: eukaryotes
yeasts are classified as: eukaryotes
archaeobacteria are classified as: prokaryotes
Endotoxins are only produced by: Gram- bacteria
Archaeobacteria are classified as prokaryotes because: They lack a nucleus
The Gram stain does what: it stains separate parts of cell differently. used to distinguish between gram positive and gram negative
The lipid stain does what: Allows viewing of the structures within the cells. Does not separate bacteria into groups
The negative stain does what: Used to show clear bacteria on a dark background.
Spore formation in bacteria is limited to almost exclusively members of: Bacillus and Clostridium
Bacteria does not produce spores: Envinia genus, Pseudomonas genus, Salmonella genus
Euglena gracillis is considered: autotrophic- uses its photosynthetic pigments to synthesize its own food materials
Heterotrophic organis use what: organic matter for food
autotrophic organism use what: photosynthetic own food
Saprophytic organisms use: nonliving preformed organic matter
A barrier placed between donor and recipient cell will stopL conjugation- requires cell to cell contact and would be blocked by the barrier.
What can be determined by the one step growth curve exhibited by the lytic bacteriophage? The curve indicates the number of phage particles.
Ensures sterilization due to its high sporicidal activity: Prssurized steam- penetrates tough bacterial sportes and destroys them quickly.
How does moist heat kill bacteria: Small temperature increases lead to denaturation of some proteins.
Common microorganism in human intestines: Escherichia coli- part of normal flora in human intestines
Staphylococcus aureus: Commonly located in the nose and on the skin.
Vibrio cholerae: Pathogen and agent of cholera
high titers of IgM indicate: Typical primary response to an antigen
Why is Streptococcus pneumoniae resistant to destruction by phagocytosis: Capsule:
Streptococcus pneumonaie is gram? Gram+
Endotoxinx are only produced by Gram? Gram- bacteria
Cholera death most often caused by: Loss of fluid and electrolytes
coliform in drinking water indicate? presence of human waste in the water
Microorganism used to produce antibiotics should exhibit: excrete/presencer of Secondary metabolites
acedic acid in wine occurs when: exposed to air. acid-forming bacteria use the oxygen to convert the ethanol in wine to acetic acid.
Bacteria is a: prokaryote
Created by: BJHughes707