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Commonly used Abbreviations

abd Abdomen
ac Before Meals
ADL Activities of Daily Living
ad lib As Desired
Adm (adm) Admitted or Admission
AM (am) Morning
amb Ambulatory
amt Amount
ap Apical
approx Approximately
bid Twice a Day
BM (bm) Bowel Movement
BP Blood Pressure
BRP Bathroom Privileges
c With
C Centigrade
Ca Cancer
Cath Catheter
CBC Complete Blood Count
CBR Complete Bed Rest
cc Cubic Centimeter
CCU Coronary Care Unit
c/o Complains of
CPR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
CVA Cerebrovascular Accident, Stroke
dc (d/c) Discontinue
DOA Dead on Arrival
DON Director of Nursing
drsg Dressing
Dx Diagnosis
ECG (EKG) Electrocardiogram
EEG Electroencephalogram
ER Emergency Room
F Fahrenheit
FBS Fasting Blood Sugar
FF Force Fluids
fld Fluid
ft Foot or Feet
gal Gallon
GI Gastrointestinal
h (hr) Hour
H2O Water
HS (hs) Hour of Sleep
ht Height
ICU Intensive Care Unit
in Inch
I&O Intake and Output
IV Intravenous
L Liter
Lab Laboratory
lb Pound
liq Liquid
LLQ Left Lower Quadrant
LVN/LPN Licensed Vocational Nurse/Licensed Practical Nurse
LUQ Left Upper Quadrant
meds Medications
mid noc Midnight
min Minute
ml Milliliter
NA Nursing Assistant
neg Negative
nil None
no Number
noc Night
NPO Nothing By Mouth
O2 Oxygen
OB Obstetrics
OJ Orange Juice
OOB Out of Bed
OR Operating Room
Ord Orderly
OT Occupational Therapy
oz Ounce
PAR Post anesthesia Room
pc After Meals
Peds Pediatrics
per By, Through
PM (pm) After Noon
po (per os) By mouth
postop (post op) Postoperative
preop (pre op) Preoperative
prep Preparation
prn When Necessary
Pt (pt) Patient
PT Physical Therapy
q Every
qd Every Day
qh Every Hour
q2h, q3h, q4h Every 2 Hours, Every 3 Hours, Every 4 Hours
qhs Every Night at Bedtime
qid Four Times a Day
qod Every Other Day
R Rectal Temperature
RLQ Right Lower Quadrant
RN Registered Nurse
ROM Range of Motion
RR Recovery Room
RUQ Right Upper Quadrant
s Without
Spec (spec) Specimen
SSE Soap Suds Enema
stat At Once, Immediately
surg Surgery
tbsp Tablespoon
tid Three Times a Day
TLC Tender Loving Care
TPR Temperature, Pulse, and Respiration
tsp Teaspoon
U/a (U/A, u/a) Urinalysis
VS (vs) Vital Signs
WBC White Blood Count
w/c Wheelchair
wt Weight
Created by: Travis84
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