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sports specific training

what is periodization It is a scientific & methodical way of preparing a training program.(It is Sports Specific).
what are the factors affecting periodization. 1]Energy system 2]Muscle fibre type 3]Bio motor abilities.
what are Bio motor abilities? 1]strength 2]speed 3]endurance 4]flexibility 5]physiological abilities.
name types of muscle fibres 1]type 1 2]type 2A 3]type 2B
components of fitness 1]Strength 2]Endurance 3]Cardio vascular Endurance
Homeostatic Level [HL] [HL]Homeostatic Level is the present capacity of producing energy and performing work.
Cycles of periodization (i)Macro cycle Entire training Program[1year] (ii)Meso cycle - Division within Macro cycle. (iii) Micro cycle- Weekly training Program.
Strength can be divided into 1) Limit Strength (1 Rep Max) 2) Starting Strength 3) Explosive strength
Define 1 Rep Max (Limit Strength) One rep Max :The ability to exert maximum skeletal force output for one all out repetition.[Train with 80% to 90% of 1 rep max, 2 to 8 reps.
what is starting strength Ability to turn on maximum number of muscle fibres instantly. Training 50% to 60% of 1 Rep Max. Train with 20 reps or more.(Reps fast and Continuous).
What is explosive strength The ability to keep on firing the maximum number of muscle fibres turned on for maximum period of time. Training - 70% to 80% of 1 Rep Max. with 8-15 Reps Or 10-12 Reps.
Explain Type I Muscle Fibres Type I /Red/Slow twitch muscle fibre. (I)Extremely thin fibres. (II)Strength level low. (III)Twitching per second is low. (IV) Build for Endurance.
Explain Type IIa Muscle Fibres Type IIa /Intermediate Muscle fibres. (i) Moderate thickness. (ii)Strength level is present. (iii) Lactate treshold is high.
Explain Type IIb Muscle Fibres Type IIb/Fast twitch/White fibres (1)Extremely thick (11)Maximum potential for hypertrophy. (111)No Oxygen bearing cells.(low endurance). (1v) High Strength,Speed and Power.
Endurance Types 1) Strength Endurance 2) Local Muscular Endurance. 3) Cardio Vascular Endurance.
Define Strength Endurance The ability to keep on exerting your maximum force output bout after bout. Ex: Boxing.
Define Local Muscular Endurance. The ability to exert sub maximal amount of force for maximum period of time. Ex: Running a marathon. Cross country racing.
Define Cardio vascular Endurance Cardiovascular endurance is the ability of the heart, lungs and blood vessels to deliver oxygen to working muscles and tissues, as well as the ability of those muscles and tissues to utilize that oxygen.
Cardiovascular Endurance although endurance may also refer to the ability of the muscle to do repeated work without fatigue. Ex: Swimming.
Theory of supercomposition. 1] Exercise Phase 2] Composition(Rest) & Nutrition (Diet) Phase 3] Super composition Phase (6 to8 hrs of Night sleep) 4] Involution Phase when exercise for more than 25 to 30 days. * It gives rise to new HL Homeostatic Level.
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