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A+ Certification

A+ material for certification

Number of pins in a serial port 9-pin or 25-pin
Maximum transmission speed of a serial port 115 kilobits per second (Kbps)
Serial ports transfer data at what rate 1 bit at a time
The standard setting for a serial port 9600 bps
What IRQ and I/O address is assigned to a serial port I/O address 3F8, IRQ 4 (COM 1)
Number of pins in a parallel port 25
Parallel port transfer data at what rate 8 bits or 1 byte at a time
How many pins does the 1284b Centronic port have 36
What I/O address and IRQ is assigned to a parallel port I/O address of 378, IRQ 7 (LPT1)
How many pins does a Mini-DIN (PS/2) port have 6
A computer that lacks a Mini-DIN(PS/2) port must have a USB port
Most monitors and projectors connect to one of three video ports, name them Video Graphics Array (VGA), Digital Visual Interface (DVI), or DisplayPort
Almost all CRT's and some LCD monitor connect into which port VGA
Some LCD's and Projects connect into which port DVI
How many pins does a VGA port have 3 rows of 5 pins (15-pin)
How many pins does a DVI-I port have 24
The DisplayPort has how many pins 20
What can the 15-pin DB connector be used for? Midi devices and Joysticks
The most common fiber connectors are ST, SC, and LC
Very old NIC's might have a bayonet style connector called a ? used for 10Base2 or Thinnet networking BNC connector
USB ports come in three varieties A,B, and mini
USB Type A plugs into what device The computer
Type B and mini USB ports plug into what device The midi device
USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 transfers data at what speeds (USB 1.1) 12 megabits per second and (USB 2.0) 480 Mbps
How many USB devices can be connected at the same time 127
FireWire 1394a calls for transfer speeds of up to ? and 1394b is capable of speeds up to ? 400 Mbps and 800 Mbps
FireWire 400 ports have how many pins standard? FireWire 800 devices have how many pins? FireWire 400 ports have a 4-pin connector FireWire 800 devices have a 9-pin connector
How many FireWire devices can you connect at one time 63
How many pins does a SCSI female Ultra-320 port have What is the bit transfer rate 68-pin 5 to 8 megabytes per second for early incarnations and 320 MBps for current versions
What do is used to clean electrical contacts and components such as the drive heads on removable media devices, but should never be used on motors or rubber drive belts Denatured Alcohol
What solution is safe to use on most metal and plastic surfaces on PC's, but should never be used on older LCD screens Glass Cleaner
Can be used to remove dirt, grime, and fingerprints from surfaces such as your monitor screen, LCD screen or scanner bed Vinegar and Water Solution (1 part WHITE vinegar and 4 parts water)
Can be used to loosen dirt and dust from delicate PC components Canned air
Can be used to clean dust and dirt from hard-to-reach areas and to wipe grime from electrical contacts soft-bristled brushes and lint-free swabs
used to suck up dirt and dust loosened by a brush or canned air NON-STATIC vacuum
Occurs when the supply of electricity drops dramatically but does not go out completely Brownout
Occurs when power goes out completely Blackout
Occurs when the voltage on your power line rises suddenly to above-normal levels Power surge or power spikes
Protects the PC from brownouts or blackouts Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)
Protects the PC from power surges or spikes Surge Protector
Occurs when two signals get too close together and the noise of one is picked up by the other Electromagnetic interference (EMI)
Never plug a laser printer into one of these because it will cause the device to function improperly. Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)
Two ways to minimize EMI Shortening the cables Move data cables away from power cables
Only protection against lightening strikes Unplug the PC and all peripherals
Environmental hazards to the PC Heat, Moisture, and Dirt
Safest way to store PC's for future use is to store them in an Anti-static bag
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) that affects your PC can be placed in these three categories catastrophic damage, hidden damage, and gradual damage
Type of ESD that causes a computer component to fail immediately Catastrophic ESD damage
Type of ESD damage that builds up over time and goes unnoticed until a component begins to behave erratically Hidden ESD damage
Type of ESD damage that's not immediately apparent in full force; instead, the effects gradually get more and more noticeable over time. ESD degradation
One of the most important steps you can take to prevent ESD before you hand a PC component Ground yourself by touching a metal surface such as the exterior of your PC power supply
Never wear one of these while working near high voltage Antistatic strap (1-megohm resistor)
Provides a work surface that dissipates ESD Antistatic Mat (1-megohm resistor)
When wearing an antistatic wrist strap you normally would ground yourself by attaching the grounding wire to what A metal device, a computer chassis or if the antistatic strap has one plug the prong into the ground wire of an electrical outlet
This can be used to prevent static build up in your clothing Antistatic spray
Type of fire extinguisher that puts out a fire in a computer Type C
Proper way to dispose of batteries take back to the manufacture or to a recycling center. Disposal instructions are printed on them most of the time.
Proper way to dispose of CRT's Send them to a commercial recycler or contact your city's hazardous waste management department
Proper way to dispose of Toner and Inkjet Cartridges Refill them or send them to a commercial recycler service
All batteries, chemicals, and other hazardous items come with an ? that documents the safety warnings and procedures when handling the product Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Every motherboard has one of these that determines the type of processor accepts and the type of internal/external devices the motherboard can support Chipset
The oldest traditional configuration of the chipset contains two chips called Northbridge (Memory Control Hub MCH) and Southbridge (I/O Control Hub ICH)
What's the function of the Northbridge To connect the CPU to the fastest device-(RAM, High Speed Video Cards, etc). Needs sufficient cooling like fans and heatsinks
What's the function of the Southbridge Handles some expansion device and hard drives. Slower speed devices then what's on the NorthBridge. Needs less cooling then the northbridge
Three of the most common motherboard form factors ATX, BTX, and NLX
Of the three most common motherboard form factors which is the most popular ATX and microATX
This form factor allows for special slots called audio modem risers(AMR) and communication and networking risers (CNR). These slots allowed motherboard manufacturers to avoid FCC certification NLX
How can you update a motherboard's internal drivers By flashing the bios. There is no recovery from flashing failure if done incorrectly
The AC plug on the back of a power supply is called IEC 320 connector
Power supply unit(PSU) that can handle different voltages are called switch-mode power supply
Powered connector used for floppy, parallel ATA(PATA), and SCSI drives four-wire mini and Molex connectors
Connector for PCI Express video cards 6 or 8-wire PCIe connector
Power supplies connect to the motherboard with up to four connectors, what are they? 20 or 24-wire P1 connector (primary power circuit), 4-wire P4 connector (secondary power usually supplies power to the CPU), and a 6-wire auxiliary connector
What's the 5-volt orange wire on the P1 connector called Power Good and is used for the initial boot sequence
A hum you hear when the power supply runs and can cause problems if not control harmonics
A power supply that comes with extra circuitry that smooths out the way the power supply takes power from the electric company and can eliminate harmonics comes with Power Factor Correction (PFC). Auto Switching PFC detects and adjusts the voltage that's coming from the wall accordingly
processes data and is the primary processing component of the CPU Arithmetic logic unit (ALU)
Memory circuits located inside the CPU that hold data before and after processing Registers
Used to check the voltage coming out of a power supply multimeter
Every tech should have known-good supplies called Field Replaceable Unit (FRU)
Handles complex calculations for applications that require it, such as graphics programs and 3-D games Floating Point Unit (FPU)
The voltages supplied by most PC pwer supplies can safely vary by as much as + or - 10%
CPUs have two sets of ultra-fast static RAM (SRAM) memory built in called Cache
Memory that is fast, cheap, and must be refreshed SDRAM (Dynamic RAM) - normal system RAM
Memory that really fast, very expensive, ad requires no refreshing SRAM (Static Ram)-cache
Defines the maximum amount of RAM a CPU can theoretically address The number of wires on the address bus also known as the address space
Gives you a good indication of the caliber of the CPU The pipeline, clock speed, and clock multiplier
The discrete series of steps that the CPU follows to process commands Pipeline
Tells you how many calculation cycles a CPU can execute per second CPU clock speed or frequency
Two things determine clock speed the maximum speed of the CPU and the maximum speed of the motherboard
Early CPU's took the beat set by the clock and simply double it, this is called a Multiplier
CPU that comes in a square package Pin Grid Array
Uses a small arm on the side of the zocket or a cage that fits over the socket to hold the CPU in place Zero Insertion Force socket (ZIF)
Intel and AMD produced large, rectangular-shaped CPUs that fit into a slot, kind of like an expansion card called Single Edge Cartridges (SECs)
Implements simultaneous multithreading, which is a way of executing multiple threads simultaneously on a single processor core Hyperthreading
CPU that can lower their clock speeds when they reach a certain temperature has a feature called throttling
AMD and Intel share common socket types..True or False False
If the fan on a CPU is spinning but the PC doesn't boot you should? Make certain that any jumpers governing speed or voltage are set correctly
How many pins do Single inline memory modules (SIMMs) usually have 30 or 72
How many pins do dual inline memory modules (DIMM) usually have 168, 184, or 240
How many pins does microDIMM usually have 144, 172, or 214
How many pins does SO-DIMM usually have 72,144, 200, and 204
How many pins does RIMM usually have 184 and 232
Printer process Clean, Charge, Write, Develop, Transfer, Fuse
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