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To bind using glue to hold signatures to a cover made of binder board covered with fabric, plastic or leather is what? Case binding (or cloth bind, edition bind, hard bind and hard cover)
What is it called when a saddle stitched book gets thick and the inner pages stick out? Creep
What is the variance of stock from the top of the lift to the bottom of the lift after the knife has passed through the lift? Draw
Approximately 1/8" along the spine that is shaved off the gathered signatures before perfect binding is called what? grind off
What is a hinge score? In perfect binding, when the cover is scored away from the spine so it opens more easily.
What is banding? Method of packaging printed pieces using paper, rubber or fiberglass bands. Also a term used when a vignette has stripes of color instead of a gradient.
What does rotary trimming mean? Round blades of web or folder
What is a gusset? The expandable portion of a bag, file folder or envelope. Or when the inner fold wrinkles due to air not being able to release
Why are some signatures perfed on their closed faces when folded? To let air out so the paper will lay flat and not gusset or burst
What is kiss die cutting? When the top layer of self-adhesive paper is cut, but not the backing layer
A bindery trade name for mechanical binding using double loops of wire through a hole is called what? Wire-O
How many perceptibly different colors are in the color spectrum? Almost 10 million
What is a process match? Creating a PMS color out of CMYK
What are the subtractive colors? Cyan, Magenta and Yellow
If you subtract green from white, what color is formed? Magenta
Name the 3 most common, high-quality digital presses within the CGX network. iGen, Indigo, Nexpress
Digital web presses take advantage of what printing technology? Inkjetting
Instead of using grippers or guides like an offset press, how is a sheet guided through a digital press? The press sheet gets an electric charge that adheres the sheet to a web in the press and the sheet travels along the web (static cling)
When you have an estimate for a qty of 1000 and 5000, what technique would you use to find the price for 2500? Interpolating
What does FSC stand for? Forest Stewardship Council
What is CGX's 10% PCW & FSC Certified paper called? Inspire Earth
What does MSDS stand for? Material Safety Data Sheet
Name 3 "green" paper organizations PEFC, SFI, FSC
Name three properties of ink color, body, length, tack or gloss
What is the process that allows millions of metallic colors to be replicated by adding a base of silver (or gold) ink underneath the usual CMYK? Metal FX
What is the main ingredient in ink? Pigment
What is added to varnish to increase its glossiness? Reducer
Is most ink opaque or transparent? Transparent
When checking to make sure aqueous coating has good tack and flow, you are checking for what? Viscosity
What is the basis size of cover stock? 20 x 26
What is the basis size for C1S and C2S cover stocks? 24 x 36
What paper basis weight is comparable to 20# writing? 50# offset, text
The weight in pounds in a ream of paper cut to the basic size for its grade is the definition for what? Basis weight
An uncoated stock commonly used for letters and business forms. The surface is designed to accept ink readily and can be erased easily Bond or Writing
Paper coated with chemicals that enable transfer of images from one sheet to another with pressure from writing or typing is what? Carbonless paper
What is distortion of the paper on the press due to waviness caused by absorption of moisture at the edge of the paper called? Fan-out
What is a deckle edge Feathered edge on specifically made sheets of paper
What does GSM stand for? grams per square meter, or simply a verbal description of what is is and where it's used.
What type of paper or board containing unbleached wood pulp (brown in color) made by the sulfate process? Kraft
What type of paper stock absorbs the most ink? offset or uncoated
The first step in the paper making process is what? Production of pulp.
List 3 commonly used line screen values 133, 150, 175, 200
What are 2 common image file types? Bitmap, TIFF, JPG, PNG, GIF
Used in making type more legible by lowering density of an image, while allowing the image to show through fogging or screening back
There are used for positioning films into register or 2 or more colors in printing plates.
What determines whether a job will run web or sheet-fed? quantity, size, binding, quality
Name 3 different graphics software packages commonly used in prepress Quark, photosho, illustrator, pagemaker, freehand, indesign, acrobat
What is a rule out sheet? A press sheet with lines drawn to represent the cut and fold areas to check the layout.
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