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Pediatrics midterm

Herbal treatment in Pediatrics

Physiological Jaundice (how many days after birth?) 2-5 days after birth… for 14 days. [if premature: 3-4 weeks]
When can a newborn have a hemolytic disease? 24 hours
Physiological Phenomena: Horse Teeth Horse Teeth: White, rice sized, tooth shaped item on gums. Do not break off.
Physiological Phenomena: Vaginal Discharge few days after birth / perhaps some blood with the discharge for 2-3 days / this may be due to high levels of estrogen during pregnancy / avoid water to the vagina - just wipe it.
Physiological Phenomena: Breast Enlargement in both male and female / 3-5 days after birth /lactation may also occur / this may be due to high levels of progesterone during pregnancy. It will reduce to normal size on its own.
Which organs are often deficient? Spleen, Lung, Kidney
Which organs are often excess? Stomach, Liver, Heart
Index finger vein diagnosis: exterior condition
Index finger vein diagnosis: heat syndrome
index finger vein diagnosis: convulsions
index finger vein diagnosis: food stagnation purple vein at Wind Gate
Vomiting of Milk: Physiological reason 1.) stomach is aligned horizontally rather than vertically. 2.) Upper Cardiac Orifice: sphincter too relaxed, allowing back-flow. 3.) Lower Pyloric sphincter too tight, clogging the passage. 4.) Stomach fills with air > burp to release pressure > vomit
Vomiting of Milk: Food Stagnation: Formula & Index Vein Xiao Ru Tang - special for Milk Stagnation Bao He Wan - special for both Milk & Food Stagnation [may use this once baby starts eating foods besides milk]. Hu Huang Lian - special herb for heat generated by Food Stagnation. Purple @ Wind Gate
Vomiting of Milk: Spleen/Stomach Constrained Heat: Formula & Index Vein Huo Po Huang Lian Tang Index Vein is deep Red
Vomiting of Milk: Spleen/Stomach Yang Deficiency: Formula & Index Vein Ding Yu Li Zhong Tang Index Vein is pale
Vomiting of Milk: Stomach Yin Deficiency: Formula & Index Vein Sha Shen Mai Men Dong Tang Index Vein is Red/deep Red
Vomiting of Milk: Fright/Fear: Formula & Index Vein Ding Tu Wan Index Vein is Purple/Green
Common Cold due to Wind Cold [symptoms & formula] Chills & Fever. Nasal congestion. Clear white nasal discharge. Cough. Clear white mucus. Sneeze. Itchy throat. Headache. No sweat. Index Vein: superficial & slightly red @ Wind Gate Jing Fang Bai Du San
Common Cold due to Wind Cold in Exterior with Interior Heat [symptoms & formula] Red face & lips. Dry mouth. Thirst. No sweat. Red tongue, yellow coat. Rapid & Superficial. modify Jing Fang Bai Du San w/Huang Qin, Huang Lian, Ban Lan Gen to clear interior heat [Ext. Cold not treated]. CHAI GE JIE JI TANG - Ext. Cold/ Int. Heat
Common Cold due to Wind Cold w/ Summer Heat & Dampness [symptoms & formula] catch cold in summer. fever & chills not easily relieved [damp] up to 2 weeks. Worse in afternoon. Diaphoresis removes fever temporarily. Heavy. Abdominal Pain. Diarrhea. Weak limbs. Difficult urination. Thick Greasy coat Rapid Soggy XIANG RU YIN
Which herbs have the function to Calm the Shen and Control Convulsions? Gou Teng Jiang Can Chan Tui
Which herbs can Clear Heat and Transform Phlegm? Gua Lou
Which herb is also known as "Summer Ma Huang"? Xiang Ru
Wind Cold Cough [symptoms, pulse, treatment principle, formula] If the cough is more severe, which herb should be added? Cough is in short spurts. Itchy throat. White thin sputum. Chills & Fever. White clear discharge. Thin White Coat Superficial Tense Disperse Wind Cold. Stop Cough. XIANG SU SAN Zi Wan, Kuan Dong Hua - for more severe cough
Wind Heat Cough [symptoms, pulse, treatment principle, formula] If more sore throat, which herb should be added? Cough. Yellow sticky sputum - difficult to expectorate. Sore throat. Red Superficial Rapid Disperse Wind Heat. Stop Cough. SANG JU YIN Niu Bang Zi, Da Qing Ye, Ban Lan Gen - more sore throat
Cough due to Lung Heat [symptoms, pulse, treatment principle, formula] If more phlegm, which herb should be added? If more constipation, which herb should be added? Long Coughs. Yellow Sticky phlegm. Fever.Red face.Dry mouth. Bitter taste. Epistaxis. Dry Stool. Scanty urine. Red. Yelow Dry. Rapid Slippery Clear Heat. Stop Cough. XIE BAI SAN Dan Nan Xing, Tian Zhu Huang - phlegm Gua Lou Ren, Huo Ma Ren - constip
Cough with Damp Phlegm [symptoms, pulse, treatment principle, formula] If stool is soft, which herb should be added? Cough with mucus. Profuse white phlegm. Fatigue. Poor appetite. Pale tongue. White Greasy coat. Slippery Strengthen SPleen. Drain Damp. Transform Phlegm. Stop Cough. modify ER CHEN TANG Bai Zhu - if stool is soft
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