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LCC Chapter 1

LCC Chapter 1 flashcards from book

one of 4 traditional modes of poetry along with lyric, dramatic & didatic Narrative
from the latin facio, act of fashioning a shaping a making. fiction refers to any literary work that although it might contain factural information, is not bound by factual accuracy but creates a narrative shaped or made up by the author's imagination Fiction
a genre in which actual events are presented as a novel length story using techniques of fiction Nonfiction novel
a convention combination of literary form and subject matter, usually aimed at at creating certain effects. A genre implies a preexisting understanding between the artist and the reader about the purpose and rules of work genre
depicts a youth who struggles towards maturity forming a world view or philosopy of life apprenticeship novel
novel which is told by way of letters written by one or more of the characters epositorial novel
long narrative poem usually composed in elevated style tracing the adventures of a legendary or mythic hero epic
likeable scoundral who wanders through adventures living by his wits duping straight citizenry picaresque novel
in modern terms a prose narrative longer than a short story novella
short poem expressing the thoughts and feelings of a single speaker lyric
traditional and widely used verse form especially used for love poetry sonnet
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