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apluschapter 9


biometric device an input device that inputs biological data about a person;fingerprints,facehandprints,voice,eye
chip creep a condition in which chips loosen because of thermal changes
com1 communications port 1
com1 the number assigned a serial port that determines the system resources used by the port
crt cathode ray tube
crt an older technology used by monitors in which the filsments at the back of a cathode tube shoot a beam of electrons to the screen at the front of the tube
degauss button a buttone on a crt monitor that can be pressed to eliminate accummulated or stray magnetic fields around the monitor which can cause a crt monitor to flicker or have wavy lines
dvi-d video port that works only with digital monitors
dvi-i video port that supports both analog and digital monitors
dxdiag.exe a windows command to display information about hardware and diagnose problems with diectx
ecp extended capabilities port
ecp standard signaling method for bi-directional parallel communication between a computer and peripheral devices that offers the potential for much higher rates of data transfer than the original parallel signaling methods
energy star green system that satisfies the epa requirements to decrease the overrall consumption of electricity
epp enhanced parallel port
epp allows data to flow in both directions
firewire IEEE 1394
flat panel monitors lcd monitor
hard drive dock a device used to protect and house a hard drive outside the computer case and connect it to a esata,usb, or other typr of port
hdmi high definition multimedia interface
hdmi compact audio/video interface for transferring uncompressed digital audio/video data from a HDMI-compliant device ("the source" or "input") to a compatible digital audio device, computer monitor, video projector, and digital television.
hub a network device or box that provides a central location to connect cables and distrubutes incoming data packets to all other devices connected to it
i.link IEEE 1393
i/o controller card an older card that can contain serial,parallel,and game ports and floppy drive and ide connectors
ieee 1284 a standard for parallel ports and cables developed by the institute for electrical and electronics engineers and supported by hardware manufacturers
ieee1394 standards for expansion bus that can also be configured to work as a local bus.
ieee1394.3 designed for peer to peer data transmission and allows imaging devices to send images and photos directly to the printers without involving a computer
infrared transceiver wirelessly uses infrared technology to support some wireless devices such as keyboards,mice and printers.
interlaced a type of display in which the electronic beam of a monitor draws every other line with each pass,which lessons the overall effect of a lower refresh rate
ir transceiver infrared transceiver
ieee1394 expected to replace the scsi bus,providing an easy method to install and configure fast i/o devices
irda infrared data association transceiver
irda infrared data association
irq interrupt request
irq line a line on a bus that is assigned to a device and is used to signal the cpu for servicing
isochronous data transfer transfers data continuously without breaks
kvm keyboard video mouse
kvm switch allows you to use one keyboard,mouse and monitor for multiple computers
lcd liquid crystal dispaly
lcd monitor produces an image using a liquid crystal material made of large easily polarized molecules
lpt line printer terminal
lpt is the usual designation for a parallel port connection to a printer or other device on a personal computer. Most PCs come with one or two LPT connections designated as LPT1 and LPT2. Some systems support a third, LPT3. Whatever the number, LPT1 is the us
native resolution the actual and fixed number of pixels built into an lcd monitor
noninterlaced a type of display in which the electronic beam of a crt monitor draws every line on the screen with each pass
refresh rate the number of times in one second an electronic beam can fill the screen with lines from top to bottom
resolution the number of pixels on a monitor screen that are addressable by software
rgb red green blue
rgb the three colors create a color space that contains three dots,one for each color
rs-232c reference standard
rs-232c interface standard used by a serial port
recommended standard 232 revision c series of computer parts that allow everything in the computer communicate with each other. so it's not a particular thing. like roads and railways are both ways to get places, but but use a different series of pieces and means to get to those places
spp standard parallel port
spp an outdated serial port that allows data to flow in one direction and is the slowest of the three types of parallel ports
svga super vga
s-video port four pin port that sends two signals over the cable,one for color and the other for brightness,and is used by some high end tv and videos equipment
touch screen an input device that uses a monitor or lcd panel as a backdrop for user options
uart universal asynchronous receiver transmitter
vga video graphics adapter
vga a basic standard for color resolution in computer monitors that, today, represents the lowest common denominator for compatibility
div digital visual interface
ecp for non-printer peripherals
hdmi digital alternative to consumer analog standards, such as radio frequency (RF) coaxial cable, composite video, S-Video, SCART,
every i/o device is controlled by software
internal devices network card sound card video card
primary windows tool to manage hardware devices device manager
energy star satisfy certain energy conserving standards required by the EPA
external i/o monitor printer mouse keyboard
drivers control i/o devices
usb version 1.1 allows for two speeds
basic speed usb original usb
usb version 2.0` high speed usb
usb2 480 mbps
high speed usb backward compatible
usb3.0 superspeed usb
four wires on a usb cable two for power. two for communications
ps2 ports not hot swappable
parallel port female connector
serial port male connector
IEEE 1394 firewire
rj45 network port
three types of video ports vga s video ddi
video analog signal
a male connctor flat and wide
b male connector square
static data data referred to byte
transmitting data bits per second
advantages of usb easy to configure plug n play faster
usb1.1 1.5 mbps and 12 mbps
usb2.0 allows for up to 480 mbps
IEEE1394a firewire 400
IEEE1394b firewire 800
db data bus
parallel male
serial female
db9 pin
db25 pin
spp standard parallel port
epp enhanced parallel port
ecp extended capabilities port
epp standard port
standard part slowest of three ports
epp centronics port
epp data flows in both directions
ecp bi directional data
parallel ports pink ports
ecp designed to increase speed over epp using a dma channel
dma direct memory access
data integrity gets were its suppose to be and gets there together at the same time
IEEE 1284 epp and ecp
analog sign wave
digital binary 1 and 0
infrared transceiver obsolete technology due to line of sight issue
two ir header pins receiver and transmitter heads
monitor and video card needed for video output
categories of monitors crt lcd flat panel led
led light emmitting diodes
dot pitch the distance between any two dots
primary lights red green blue
lcd monitor an image using a liquid crystal material made of large easily polarized molecules
lcd can receive digital and analog signalsfrom the video card have two ports to accommadate each
pixel formed by the intersection of the row and column electrodes
vesa video electronics standard association
minimum refresh rate 70hz or 70 complete refreshes per second
noninterlaced monitor progressive monitor
interlaced draws the screen in two passes
noninterlaced draws it in one pass
native resolution actual fixed number of pixels built into the monitor
minimum resolution for monitors 800 x 600
xga extended graphics array resolution
sxga+ super extended graphics array resolution
uxga ultra extended wide graphics array resolution
wuxga wide ultra resolution
convert resolution horizontal times vertical pixels
qwxga quad wide
wqxga wide quad
vram video ram
sgram synchronous graphics ram
wram window ram
mdram multibank dram
3-d ram
drdram direct dynamic ram
ddr double data rate
ddr2 double data rate 2
ddr3 double data rate 3
gddr3 graphic dynamic direct
gddr4 graphic
direct x microsoft tool that developers can use to write multimedia applications,games
direct x components direct draw direct music direct play direct 3d
drivers handle communicationbetween bios and operating system
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