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Literature LCC WGU24

Literature-Notes Chapter 24

Which one of the following statements best characterizes the Modernist style in literature? The use of fragmented narrative structures, ambiguous allusions, and irony
Which of the following was the crucial defining event of the Modernist period? A. The development of psychoanalysis by Sigmund Freud B. The death of Queen Victoria C. World War I D. World War II C
What were the main principles of Freudian psychology in the Modernist period? The power of the unconscious mind and early, formative experiences
Which of the following best defines Stream of Consciousness? A literary technique that attempts to replicate the discontinuous workings of the mind
What type of literary work was produced by the Imagists in the Modernist period? Short, concentrated poems that portray, in exacting language, a revelatory image or moment
What was the Harlem Renaissance? A movement among African American artists who depicted their experiences with racism and celebrated their cultural heritage
Why is the Surrealist movement significant in the Modernist period? It reflects the influence of Freudian psychology
Which of the following best describes Existentialism? The belief that we exist, and meaning is of our own creation
Which of the following topics best characterize Modernism? A. Tradition B. Alienation C. Meaninglessness D. Progress BC
Which of the following statements best describes the Modernist style in literature? A. It employs complex allusions B. It is highly experimental, rejecting given literary conventions D. It plays with discontinuous and fragmented narrative structures
Which of the following are well-known Modernist authors? A. T.S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, and William Faulkner
Existentialism A group of attitudes that emphasizes existence rather than essence and sees the inadequacy of human reason to explain the enigma of the universe as the basic philocophicla question.
Freudian Criticism Criticism based on psychological speculations and discoveries by Sigmund Freud and his disciples
Imagists The name applied to a group of peots active in England and America between 1909-1918
Modern For much of its history, "modern" has meant soemthing bad. in a general sense it means having to do with recent times and the present day
Modernist Period in English Literature In England may be considered to begin with the 1st World War in 1914 to be marked by the strenuousness of that experience and by the flowering of talent experiement that came during the boom of the twenties & that fell away during the ordeal of depression
Naturalism A term best reserved for a literary movement in the late 19th & 20th centuries. it is the application of principles of scientific determinism to literature.
Oedipus Complex A psychoanalysis, a libidinal feeling that develops in a child, especially a male child, betwen the ages of 3-6 for the parent of the opposit sex
Stream of Consciousness Novel The type of novel taking as its subject matter the flow of the stream of consciousness o fone or more of its characters.
 1914 - 1939  World War I The Modernist Literary Period
Experimental Modernist Literary Techniques: Non-linear narrative structure: fragmentation & disruption of sequential storylines-Disregard for unity and coherence in terms of plot and character development-The use of stream of consciousness-The use of iron Main Topics and Themes of the Modernist Literary Period
Alienation from both the past & the future-Existential vision of an absurd & meaningless universe-Inward consciousness privileged over external & material concerns-Psychoanalysis (especially the work of Sigmund Freud)-Harlem Renaissance-The “Lost Generati Main Topics and Themes of the Modernist Literary Period
 Poetry  The Novel Genres from the Mondernist Literary Period
Willa Cather My Antonia, "Paul's Case"
Hart Crane "The Bridge"
HD (Hilda Doolittle) "The Walls Do Not Fall"
WEB DuBois The Souls of Black Folk
TS Eliot "The Hollow Men," The Waste Land, "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"
William Faulkner The Sound and the Fury, "Barn Burning"
F Scott Fitzgerald The Great Batsby
Susan Glaspell Trifles
Ernest Hemingway A farewell to ARms, "The Snows of Kilimanjaro"
Lanston Huges "The Weary Blues"
Zora Neale Hurston "The Giled Six-Bits, "Their Eyes Were Watching God
Joes Joyce Ulysses, "Araby"
Nella Larsen Quicksand
Katherine Anne Porter "Flowering Judas"
Ezra Pound "In a Station of the Metro"
John Steinbeck The Grapes of Wrath, "The Chrysanthemums)
Jean Toomer :Reapers'
William Carlos Williams "The Read Wheelbarrow"
Virginia Woolf To the Lighthouse, Mrs. Dalloway
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