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Literature LCC WGU23

Literature-Notes Chapter 23

Which statement most closely describes the aims of literary Realism? To portray accurately the lives of ordinary people in contemporary times.
Which of the following characteristics most accurately describe the Victorian sensibility? A. Productivity and Morality B. Individualism and Innovation C. Sense of Duty and Propriety D. Christian faith and Missionary zeal AC
Which of the following best reflect the central philosophical and social concerns that characterize the Victorian age in Britain?AIndustrialism Revolution & Power of the ImaginationBMonarchy Democracy & Religious FreedomCEmpire Industrialism & Utilitarian C
Which of the following were additional concerns during the Victorian age in Britain? A. Social Reform B. Scientific Discovery C. The Condition of Women D. Educating the lower classes AC
How was the ideal Victorian woman, or the “angel in the house,” portrayed in Victorian literature and in culture? C. She provided a domestic sanctuary, she was spiritually and morally pure, and she had a strong desire to nurture and serve others.
Which of the following descriptions best characterizes the Victorian Novel? A. A work that explores the relations between individuals and society in a realistic portrayal of contemporary social life.
Which of the following best describes the “white man’s burden” of British imperialism? It was Britain’s moral duty to extend civilization and order across the globe.
Which of the following issues were among those most passionately debated regarding the role of middle-class women in the 19th century? Women’s rights to obtain a higher education, expand their employment opportunities, and maintain control of their own property.
Which of the following statements most accurately describes why Industrialism was a significant topic for Victorian authors? Examining the grim living and working conditions of the poor, authors debated whether or not the industrial age was truly advancing the nation or undermining its moral fiber.
Which of the following were the major literary genres of the Victorian period? . The Novel, Nonfiction Prose, and Poetry. B. Drama, Satire, and Poetry. C. The Gothic Novel, the Romance Novel, and Poetry. D. The Diary, the Biography, and History. A
Which of the following authors are well-known Victorian writers? John Ruskin, George Gissing, Elizabeth Gaskell, Henry Mayhew, and Christina Rossetti
Which of the following cultural forces and historical events most heavily influenced 19th-century Literary Realism in America? Westward Expansion, the Oppression of Non-white Populations, Nationalism, and Industrialism.
Which of the following statements best defines local color? A literary technique that depicts the specifics of a particular region and its inhabitants.
Which of the following best defines a colloquialism in literature?A. The use of informal speech or slang in a literary text. B. The use of formal or elevated diction in a literary text. C. The use of in Native American tribal dialects in a literary text A
Which of the following statements best defines verisimilitude? The attempt to portray reality truthfully, as it is genuinely experienced
Which of the following statements best defines the concept of concrete detail? Tangible descriptions that engage the senses and create precise visual images
Realist writers were primarily concerned with the truthful depiction of specific objects, domestic details, and physical environments and not so interested in character development False
Which of the following topics and themes are most closely associated with American Realism rather than Victorian Realism? Westward expansion and Race Relations
Which of the following concepts best differentiates American Realism from Victorian Realism? Regionalism, depicted through the use of vernacular and local color
Which of the following are well-known American Realist authors? Kate Chopin, Sarah Orne Jewett, Mark Twain, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and Ambrose Bierce.
Local Color Writing that exploits the speech, dress, mannerisms, habits of thought, and topography peculiar to certain region, primarily for th eportrayal of life of a geographical setting.
Realistic Period in American Literature 1865-1900 in the period following the Civil War, modern American was born and grew to a lusty although not always happy or attractive adolescence.
Realistic Periodc in English Literature 1870-1914In the latter portion of the reign of Queen Victoria &during the reign of Edward VII the reaction to romanticism reached its peak in full-fledged realism & by the beginning of the First World War the reaction had itself begun to come under attack
Victorian A term used 1 to designate broadly the literature written during the reign of Queen Victoria 2 more narrowly, to suggest a certain complicncy, hypocrisy, or squeamishness assumed to characterize Victorian attitudes.
19th Century (1800 - 1899) o Also called the “Victorian Period” because Queen Victoria reigned in Britain from 1837-1901 The Realist Period
Literary Realism-The attempt to portray everyday experience accurately in language- Subject matter takes on social issues, such as the plight of the poor and the realities of daily domestic life, as experienced by ordinary, believable characters Main Topics and Themes of the Realist Period (American Realism — employs realism, as defined above, and also incorporates these topics and themes: o Westward Expansion o Race Relations o Regionalism o Local Color o Verisimilitude o Concrete Detail)
 British Imperialism  Industrialism and Urbanization  “The Women Question” o Cultural discourse concerning issues of political, legal, occupational, educational, and social inequality for women Main Topics and Themes of the Realist Period
 Novels  Nonfiction Prose o Periodicals, Journals, Newspapers  Poetry Genres of the Realist Period
Mary Austin The Land of Little Rain
Ambrose Bierce "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge"
William Booth In Darkest England and The Way Out
Charlotte Bronte Jane Eyre
Elizabeth Barrett Browning "Cry of the Children"
Josephine Butler "Our Indian Fellow Subjects"
Charles Chesnutt "The Wife of His Youth"
Kate Chopin The Awakening
Charles Dickens David Copperfield, Great Expectations
WEB DuBois Souls of Black Folk
Elizabeth Eastlake "Lady Travellers"
Elizabeth Gaskell Mary Barton
Charlotte Perkins Gilman "The Yellow Wallpaper"
George Gissing The Odd Women
Sarah Orne Jewett "A White Heron"
Rudyard Kipling "The White Man's Burden"
Anna Leonowens The English Governess at the Siamese Court
Thomas Babington Macaulay "Minute on Indian Education"
Henry Mayhew London Labour and the Lond Poor
Christina Rossetti "Goblin Market"
Maria Amparo Ruiz de Burton Who Would Have Thought it?
John Ruskin "Of queen's Gardens"
Mark Twain Life on the Mississipi, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Booker T. Washington Up From Slavery
Constance Fenimore Woolson "Miss Grief"
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