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Pottery Vocab. #2

Refers to clay which is ready to be fired. All the moisture is gone from the clay. Clay is VERY FRAGILE at this stage. bone dry
not shiny matte finish
A form which is used to support wet clay in the early stages of construction slump mold
Forming clay on a potters wheel. throwing
Forming clay on a potters wheel. turning
Colored decoration applied to bisqued clay, then coated with a clear glaze. Typically made of clay slip and raw pigment. underglaze
Quality of clay that allows it to be manipulated and still maintain its shape without cracking or sagging. plasticity
a type of clay known for its translucency and whiteness. porcelain
from the Italian word meaning "scratched through" ... this is done by incising or cutting a design through a colored slip coating to reveal the clay body. sgraffito
Instrument used to record the exact temperature of the kiln. pyrometer
Pottery that is fired normally but removed when it is red hot and the glaze is molten. It is then usually placed in a bed of combustible materials and covered, creating intense reduction resulting in irregular surfaces and colors. raku
glazing pottery by immersing it in a large pan or vat of glaze dipping
the ring-like base of a ceramic piece, usually formed by tooling the excess clay foot
a glaze developed by throwing salt into a hot kiln; the salt vaporizes and combines with the silica in the body to form sodium silicate, a hard, glassy glaze salt glaze
a broken fragment of pottery shard
trimming the walls and foot of a pot on the wheel while the clay is leather-hard tooling
Pushing a mass of clay toward the center with the centrifugal motion of a potter’s wheel. centering
Forcing plastic clay through an auger or form, mechanically or by hand, to change its shape; can be solid or hollow. extrusion
A method of decorating with slip or glaze squeezed out of a bulb from a small orifice or poured from a narrow lip. trailing
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