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Pottery Vocab. #1

The basic vocabulary of pottery

unfired and unglazed pottery bisqueware
a decomposed granite type rock clay
a method of hand building pots using ropes or coils of clay coiling
pieces meant to be viewed but not having a specific purpose decorative
pieces serving a useful purpose functional
a liquid suspension of finely ground minerals that is applied to the surfaced of bisque ware glaze
unfired dried pottery greenware
a furnace of refractory clay materials used for firing clay pieces kiln
the condition of clay when most of the moisture has left the clay but it is still soft enough to be carved and burnished easily leatherhard
a hand method of forming pottery by pinching a bowl or object from a ball of clay pinch
clay in liquid suspension used in joining pieces or for surface decoration slip
a hand method of building using flat "slabs" then cutting and going the pieces together with slip slab
contraction of the clay in either the drying or firing stages shrinkage
similar to kneading bread; using the fingers and heel of the hand in a rocking motion to force trapped air pockets from the clay wedging
a base for throwing, hand building, or drying bat
a tool used to refine shapes rib rib
beating clay with a flat stick to strengthen thin walls, smooth sides, strengthen joints, and add texture paddling
scratching the edges of clay before joining them together scoring
any form used to shape clay mold
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