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Literature LCC WGU18

Literature-Notes Chapter 18

What does “Renaissance” mean? Rebirth
Which of the following were catalysts for the Renaissance? (Select all that apply) A. Invention of the printing press B. Spread of humanism C. Establishment of Parliament D. Discovery of the New World ABD
Elizabeth I was known as . . . The Virgin Queen
Which of the following was important to the development of Humanism? Rediscovery of literature of the Classical period
Which of the following groups of words best describe the Humanist view of human beings Dignified, worldly, civilized
For Renaissance writers, “imitation” of Classical authors meant . . . Adapting Classical literature to a Christian perspective
Which of the following were literary genres that Renaissance authors adopted from Classical models? (Select all that apply) A. Epic B. Satire C. Comedy D. Tragedy ABCD
Which of the following did the Protestant Reformation promote? Individualism
What meter is commonly used in sonnets? Iambic pentameter
Which of the following lines is written in iambic pentameter? If music be the food of love, play on Correct! The answer is D. Iambic pentameter consists of five iambic feet(Hint: To determine meter, first count the syllables in the line. Then look for the pattern of stressed syllables.)
What type of sonnet has the rhyme scheme ABABCDCDEFEFGG? English sonnet
Which of the following describes the typical subject of sonnets in the Renaissance? A man suffers for love of an ideal, unattainable woman
Some Renaissance poets grouped their sonnets into collections called . . . Sonnet cycles
Pastoral poetry presents an idealized picture of the life of: Shepherds
Which of the following best describes a major purpose of pastoral poetry? Pastoral poetry contrasted the contentment of a humble country life with the stresses and corruption of the royal court or city.
Which of the following were features of ballads in the Renaissance? (Select 3) A. Sensational news stories B. Elevated, courtly diction C. Stories of family relationships D. Printed on single sheets of paper ACD
What poetic form do ballads most commonly use? Quatrains with a rhyme scheme of abab
Renaissance travel writing documented which of the following? (Select all that apply) A. Trade routes to Asia B. Customs of native peoples C. Plants and animals of the New World D. Architecture of foreign churches ABC
What role did Christianity play in Renaissance exploration and travel writing? Christianity provided a justification for European travel and colonization
What aspect of Medieval mystery and morality plays did early English Renaissance drama continue to use? Included allegorical characters
What poetic form was introduced in the early Renaissance and became the major type of poetry used in writing plays? Blank verse
What were the major characteristics of Renaissance history plays? (Select 3) A. Focused on a major historical figure such as a king B. Were historically accurate C. Inspired national pride D. Praised the characteristics of the British people ACD
Renaissance plays were performed at the royal Court as well as in public playhouses. True
Which of the following best describes the audience for Renaissance drama? The audience contained people from all classes of society.
Which of the following describes Puritan attitudes toward theater and drama in the Renaissance? Puritans were offended by immoral behavior among the theatre audience.
Which of the following were physical features of Renaissance theatres?(Select 3) A. A roof over the stage known as “the heavens” B. Several trapdoors in the stage floor C. A balcony above the stage D. A curtain across the proscenium arch ABC
Renaissance theatres had elaborate settings with painted backdrops and realistic representations of specific locations for each scene. False
Which of the following influenced the development of Renaissance revenge tragedy? (Select 2) A. The Roman playwright Seneca B. Actual murders committed in London C. Italian literature D. The philosophy of Aristotle AC
Which of the following are often features of Renaissance revenge tragedy? (Select 3) A. Ghosts B. A play-within-a-play C. Trial and conviction of the accused murderer D. Real or pretended madness ABD
Which of the following are features of Renaissance romantic comedy? BDB. Often involves multiple couples in love D. Often contrasts a city or court setting with an outdoors setting, such as a forest
Which of the following are features of Renaissance citizen or city comedy? (Select 2)A. Are set in a fictional city B. Contrast the city and the countryside C. Portray the life of ordinary people D. Are set in London CD
Which of the following are features of Renaissance court comedy? (Select 2) A. Uses allegory to compliment Queen Elizabeth I B. Portrays humorous trials of bungling criminals C. Draws upon Classical stories for subject matter AC
Chronicle Play A type of drma flourishing in the latter part of Elizabeth's reign, which drew its English historical materials from the 16th century chronicles, such as Holinshed's and stressed the patriotism of the times
Humanism Broadly, any attitude that tends to exalt the human element, as opposed to the supernatural, divine elements-or as opposed to the grosser, animal elements.
Puritanism a movement that developed in England about the middle of the sixteenth century and later spread its influence into the New England colonies in America.
Renaissance this word, meaning "rebirth" is commonly applied to the period of transition from the medieval to the modern world in Western Europe.
Revenge Tragedy a form of tragedy made popular on the Elizabethan stage by Thomas Kyd, whose Spanish Tragedy is an early example of the type
Romantic Comedy A comedy in which serious love is the chief concern and source of interest, especially the type of comedy developed on the early Elizabethan stage by such writers as Robert Greene and Shakespeare.
Sonnet a poem almost invariably of 14 lines and following one of several set rhyme schemes.
Tragedy of Blood an intensified form of the revenge tragedy popular on the Elizabethan stage.
1500-1660 o Also called the “Early Modern Period” Renaissance Period
 Praise of Queen Elizabeth I  Humanism  Individualism and Personal Development Toward an Ideal  Adapting Themes from the Classical Period  Exploration and scientific discovery  Celebration of British national identity and history Renaissance Period
Iambic pentameter with set rhyme schemes  Most common topic was love  Sometimes grouped into “sonnet cycles” Poetry-Sonnet (Renaissance Period)
Idealized portrait of shepherds and country life  Uses elevated language  Pastoral themes used in drama Poetry-Pastoral (Renaissance Period)
Often drew on Classical themes Poetry-Allegorical Poetry (Renaissance Period)
Sensational news stories aimed at common people Poetry-Ballad (Renaissance Period)
Often written in ‘blank verse’ (unrhymed lines of iambic pentameter) o History plays based on chronicles of English history Renaissance Period-Drama
 Gruesome and violent actions shown on stage  Explores morality of personal revenge vs. legal forms of justice Drama Revenge Tragedy
 Love, or the quest for love, as a main topic  Often contrasts city or court life with a natural, outdoor setting, such as a forest Romantic Comedy
Concerns ordinary people in London Citizen (or city) comedy
 Allegorical stories in praise of Elizabeth I, performed at court Court comedy
o Writers emphasized supremacy of English language and religion o Writers gave details on newly-discovered trade routes to show the prowess of English explorers Travel Writing
Samuel Daniel Delia
Michael Drayton Idea
Elizabeth I The Doubt of Future Foes "On Monsieur's Departure"
Mary Sidney Herbert The Tragedie of Antonie "A Dialogue between two shepherds, Thenot and Piers"
John Heywood "Of Books and Cheese"
Ben Jonson "To Celia"
Thomas Kyd The Spanish Tragedy
John Lyly Euphues: The Anatomy of Wit
Christopher Marlowe The Jew of Malta The tragical History of Doctor Faustus Hero and Leander "The Passionate Shepherd of His Love"
Sir Thomas More Utopia The History of King Richard the Third
Thomas Nashe The Unfortuante Traveller Summer's Last Will and Testament
Sir Philip Sidney Arcadia Astrophil and Stella The Defense of Poesy
Sir Walter Ralegh "The Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd"
William Shakespeare The Merchant of Venice Othello A Midsummer Night's Dream Sonnet 116: "Let me not to the marriage of true minds"
Edmund Spenser The Faerie Queene Amoretti and Epithalamion The Shepheardes Calendar
Lady Mary Wroth The Countess of Montgomery's Urania
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