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Literature LCC WGU 7

Literature-Notes Chapter 7

Essay A moderately brief prose discussion of a restricted topic
Personal Essay A kind of informal essay, with an intimate style, autobiographical content or interest, and an urbane conversational manner
Expository Essay (Exposition) One of the four chief types of composition, its purpose is to explain something (argumentation, description, and narration)
Argumentative Essay (Argument) A statement summarizing the plot or stating the meaning of a long poem or occasionally of a play
Autobiography the story of a person's life as written by that person
Memoir a form of autobiographical writing dealing usually with the recollections of one who has been a part of or has witnessed significat events
Journal A form of autobiographical writing including a day-by-day account of events and a record of personal impressions.
Translation refers to all of the ways in which we switch from one context to another, and, of course, from one language to another
Dialects specific forms of a language possess their own pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar we call these languages _________.
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