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Literature LCC WGU 6

Literature-Notes Chapter 6

Conflict The struggle that grows out of the interplay of two opposing forces
Climax A rhetorical term for a rising order of importance in the ideas expressed
Complication That part of a plot in which the entagelement caused by the conflict of opposing forces is developed. It is the tying of the knot to be untied in the resolution.
Figurative Language Intentional departure from the normal order, construction, or meaning of words. It embodies one or more figures of speech
Style combines two elements: the idea to be expressed and the individuality of the author
Subplot A subordinate or minor story in a piece of fiction.
rhetoric the art of persuasion and was the specialty of policians and public speakers, whose reputation depended on their ability to sway their audience with words, to make their words echo their meaning.
Alliteration repetition of initial consonant
Assonance repetitiion of a vowel sound
Consonance Repetition of an internal consonant
Anaphora Repetition of sam word or phrase to begin lines of poetry or sentences or clauses of prose
Oxymoron when two antitheical words are combined more intimately as noun and adjective this is the resulting device
Antithesis achieves its effect by combining contradictory words, phrases, or concepts in a parallel or a chiastic construction.
Paradox presents an apparently contradictory assertion that eventually resolves itself into a kind of truth, often a poetic or unexpected one
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