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CompTIA A+ Study

Questions I can't seem to remember

Where are the restore points stored after they are created? The System Volume Information folder
Which following tools could a person use to test an AC outlet? Multimeter, Receptacle Tester
Where do you go to make an ERD (emergency repair disk) in Win2K Pro? NTBackup
What tool do you use to back up data on the C: drive in Windows Vista? Backup Status and Configuration
A customer complains that there is nothing showing on the display of his laptop. What should you attempt first on the computer? Check whether the laptop is in Standby or Hibernate mode.
In Win XP, how do you fix the "NTLDR is missing or corrupt" error? Run the Recovery Console utility.
The IEEE 1284 specification defines what type of interface? Parallel
In Windows Vista, where can devices like the display and hard drives be configured to turn off after a certain amount of time? Power Plans
How can you take control of a network pinter from a remote computer? Install the printer locally and access the Ports tab.
Singal strength for a laptop's wireless connection is low (yellow in color and only one bar). The laptop is on the first floor of a house. The WAP (wireless access point) is in the basement. How can the signal strength be improved? Use a WAP signal booster, Move the WAP from the basement to the first floor.
You receive a service update from your PC's manufacturer for a PC you recently purchased. You need to update the PC's BIOS. What is the best method for updating the BIOS? up
A computer running Windows XP has been getting slower as time passes. The drive activity light is often lit for extended periods of time. What is the most likely cause of the problem? up
How can you access the dialog box to change the Standby timeouts for a laptop computer running Windows XP? up
How can you prevent unauthorized computers from connecting to your wireless network? up
A laptop computer has an external 68-pin slot that is 5 mm thick. What type of expansion slot is this? up
A computer is unable to communicate with any other computers on the network. The indicator lights on the NIC are not lit. What can you check to see if the NIC is failing? up
A Windows XP computer is configured to receive its IP address automatically. You check the computer's IP address and it is up
When would you need to use a wireless access point (WAP)?
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