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a plus chapter 5


accelerated graphics port 32 bit wide bus standard developed specifically for video cards
active parition the primary partition on the hard drive that boots the os
audio modem riser a specification for a small slot on a motherboard to accomadate an audio or modem riser card.
boot loader an operating system program responsible for manageing the process of loading the os during the boot
boot record the first sector of a floppy disk or hard drive volume,contains info about the disk or volume
booting the process of starting up a computer and loading an operating system
bootMgr the vista program file responsible for beginning the process of loading and starting vista
cmos battery the battery on the motherboard used to power the cmos chip when the computer is unplugged
cold boot hard boot
communication and networking riser a specification fo a small expansion slot on a motherboard that accommadates a small audio modem or network riser card
crossfire ati technology that allows for multiple video cards to be installed in the same system
dual inline package switch a switch on a circuit board or other device that can be set to on or off to hold configuration or setup information
front panel header a group of pins on a motherboard that connect to wires that are connected to the front panel of the computer case
hard boot restart the computer by turning off the power or pressing the reset button
i o shild a plate installed on the rear of a computer case that provides holes for i/o ports coming off the motherboard
jumper two wires that stick up side by side on the motherboard or other device and are used to hold configuration information
land grid array a feature of a cpu socket whereby pads,called lands,are used to make contact in uniform rows over the socket
master boot record the first sector on a hard drive,which contains the partition table and a program the bios uses to boot an os from the drive
north bridge the portion of the chipset hub that connects faster i/o buses to the system bus
ntldr the os loader used on intel systems
on board ports ports that are directly on the motherboard, such as a built in keyboard port
partition table a table at the beginning of the hard drive that contains information about each partition on the drive,contained in the master boot record
peripheral component interconnect bus a bus common to desktop computers that uses a 32 or 64 bit data path,one or more notches on a pci slot keep it from being inserted wrong
pci express latest evvolution of pci,not backwards compaible with earlier pci slots and cards
pin grid array a feature of a cpu socket whereby the pins are aligned in uniform rows around the socket.
power on password a password that a computer uses to control access during the boot process
program file a file that conains instructions designed to be executed by the cpu
riser card a card that plugs into a motherboard and allows for expansion cards to be mounted parallel to the motherboard
sector on a disk surface one segment of a track which almost always contains 512 bytes of data
scalable link inteface a technology by nvidia that allows for multiple video cards o be installed into the same system
soft boot to restart a pc without turning off the power
south bridge the portion of the chipset hub that connects slower i/o buses to the system bus
spacers standofs.round plastic or metal pegs that seperate the motherboard from the case
staggered pin grid array a feature of a cpu socket whereby the pins are staggered over the socket in order to squeeze more pins into a smaller space
standoffs round plastic or metal pegs that seperate the motherboard from the case, so that components on the back of the motherboard do not touch the case
startup password power on password
track one of many cocentric circles on the surface of a hard drive or floppy disk
user password a power on password required to view or edit bios setup or use the computer
wait state a clock tick in which nothing happens, used to ensure that the microprocessor is not getting ahead of slower components;
warm boot soft boot
zero insertion force socket a socket that uses a small lever to apply even force when you install the microchip intp the socket
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