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Fever LI4, LI11, GV14
Fainting GV26, Shi Xuan/"Ten Dispersing" (Ming Xia says UB2 not GV26 :)
Shock MOXA Ren8, (Ren4), GV20 (!!??). Can needle ST36
Spontaneous Sweating LI4, K7
##(Yin Xu Sweating) Per Marianne/Nigel Wiseman## LU7, K6
**Night Sweats (per CAM)** SI3 ("consolidate the exterior"), HT6 (Yin Xi)
Insomnia HT7, SP6, K3
"Excessive Dreaming" BL15 (Xin Shu), HT7, LR3
Lockjaw/TMJ ST7, ST6, LI4
"Congested Throat" CV22, LI18, LI4
Cough & Asthma CV22, Ding Chuan, LU7
Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) CV22, P6
"Suffocated" Chest CV17, P6
Chest "Fullness" CV12 (!!??), P6
Cardiac Pain P6, P4 (the XCP, XiMen), CV17
HCR Pain GB34, SJ6
Abdominal Distention ("Man") CV6, ST36, ST25, P6
N/V P6, ST36
Indigestion SP4 (!!), ST36
Hiccough BL17 (Ge/Diaphragm Shu), P6, P8 (!!!!!!)
Constipation SJ6, K6, ST25
"Anal Prolapse" GV1, BL57
Convulsions (Four Gates)
Nose Bleed/Epistaxis GV23, LI4 (wouldn't most people add ST44?)
Urinary Retention SP6, SP9 (!!!!??)
Bed Wetting (Enuresis) CV2 (FM of UB), SP6 (!!??)
Pruritis (itching) LI11 (heat), SP10 (blood), SP6 (supercharges other SP points, especially 9 & 10)
"General Weakness or Exhaustion" CV4 (GuanYuan), ST36
Created by: mrbarr