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Ortho-Neuro-1 Final

Practical Exams

Foraminal compression test: positive sign means? Intervertebral foramina encroachment
Jackson compression test: positive sign means? Intervertebral foramina encroachment
Shoulder depression test: positive sign means? Dural adhesion
Apley scratch test: positive sign means? Frozen shoulder
Apprehension test: positive sign means? Glenohumoral anterior instability
Empty Can test: positive sign means? Supraspinatus tendonitis
Valsalva test: positive sign means? Space occupying lesion
Speed's test: positive sign means? Bicepital tendonitis
Cozen's test: positive sign means? Lateral epicondylitis (aka tennis elbow)
Phalen test: positive sign means? Carpal tunnel syndrome (median nerve ENTRAPMENT)
Finkelstein test: positive sign means? Stenosing tenosynovitis (aka DeQuervain's "blackberry thumb")
Faber test: positive sign means? SI (or hip) joint pathology
Reverse Phalen test: positive sign means? Carpal tunnel syndrome (median nerve STRETCH)
Thompson test: positive sign means? Ruptured Achilles tendon
Piriformis test: positive sign means? Local Pain: tight piriformis muscle Radiating Pain: piriformis syndrome (piriformis impinging on sciatic nerve)
Ligamentous Instability test: positive sign means? Torn or weakened MCL or LCL
Foraminal compression test Patient seated (SBehindP). Interlock fingers & place hands atop pt.'s head (3x)
Jackson compression test Patient seated (SBehindP). Laterally flex pt. neck approx. 20 degrees. Lightly compress head downward with clasped hands as iin Foraminal CT.
Shoulder depression test Patient seated (SBesideP). Heel of palm on pt. mastoid process. Cup ear. (Nondominant hand is stabilizing distal shoulder.)
Apley scratch test Patient seated (SInfrontofP). "[Demo for Pt. to put their hand btwn their shoulder blades. Next demo for Pt. To place the same hand behind their low back]"
Apprehension test Patient supine. "[Pt. ABD shoulder to 90 degrees & flexes elbow 90 degrees. Externally rotate the shoulder until it stops @ end range] "
Empty can test Patient seated (SInfrontofP). Thumbs up, thumbs down, thumbs BACK
Speed's test Patient seated (bicepital groove on LATERAL side of Hey Buddy). Push on forearm AND bicipital groove, asking patient to raise hand to ceiling
Valsalva test Patient standing. Strike Incredible Hulk pose and strain as if moving a difficult bowel
Cozen's test Patient seated (SInfrontofP) Pt. flexes elbow & extends wrist (pulls back toward him/her). Stabilize pt. shoulder with 'outside' hand. Place 'inside' hand on top of pt.'s clenched hand. Pull towards you on hand asking pt. to resist.
Finkelstein test Patient seated (SInfrontofP) Pt. makes fist around thumb. Ask patient to tilt fist outward (ulnar deviation).
Phalen's test Patient seated (SInfrontofP) Demonstrate for pt. to place dorsum of hands together with fingers pointed to floor, elbows parallel to ground. Hold for 60 seconds or until pain.
Reverse Phalen's test Patient seated (SInfrontofP) Demonstrate for pt. to place palms of hands together in yoga type Namaste position, fingers pointed to ceiling, elbows parallel to ground. Hold for 60 seconds or until pain.
Faber test [Patient supine] "[F-Flexion AB-Abduction ER- External Rot E- Extension Place Pt. Foot just proximal to their contralateral knee. Stabilize the Pt. contralateral ASIS & push their knee down two the table]"
Piriformis test [Patient in lateral decubitus (Side lying)] "Flex pt. Hip & knee completely (into flamingo position) Stabilize pt. Pelvis with 1 hand. Next roll the pelvis posterior. Then push down on pt. Knee w/ other hand]"
Thompson test [Patient prone w/ feet hanging off the end of the table] [Squeeze Pt. Gastrocs]
Ligamentous Instability Test [Patient supine] "[Grab Pt. Ankle w/ 1 hand. Contact lateral knee w/ other hand. Then push the knee medially. Next switch hands. Contact the medial knee & push laterally] "
Positive sign for most tests Pain
Positive sign for Apley scratch test? Decreased ROM
Positive sign for Apprehension test? Grimace/Look of apprehension as arm is raised back
Positive sign for Speed's test? Pain in bicepital groove
Positive sign for Valsalva test? Pain along the spine (C3 to L5)
Positive sign for Cozen's test? Pain in lateral epicondyle
Positive sign for Finkelstein test? Pain (one side more than other)
Positive sign for Phalen and Reverse Phalen test? Pain, numbness, tingling
Positive sign for Fabere test? [Pain in the hip joint]
Positive sign for Ligamentous Instability Test? [Excessive medial or lateral deviation of the knee]
Positive sign for Thompson's test? [No plantar flexion (In constant dorsiflexion)]
Created by: mrbarr