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DC III Unit 2

Arkansas Digital Communications III Unit 2

.biz top-level domain reserved for the business community
.com unrestricted top-level domain typically used by the commercial community
.edu top-level domain reserved for the education community, typically higher education
.gov top-level domain reserved for the government community
.info unrestricted top-level domain
.mil top-level domain reserved for the United States Department of Defense and its subsidiary or affiliated organizations
.mob top-level domain dedicated to delivering the internet to the mobile phone
.net unrestricted top-level domain
.org unrestricted top-level domain typically used by non-profit organizations or organizations of a non-commercial character
Alternative text descriptive text that can be set to appear in place of an image
Forms an area of a web page that allows the viewer to enter data and information to be sent back to the web server
Domain name the part of an Internet URL (Universal Resource Locator) selected and registered by an individual, business or organization to represent their web presence. It consists of at least two parts that are separated by "dots." The last part or suffix indicates
Home page/Index page the top level or entry page of a website
Hot spot an invisible region on an image that contains a hyperlink
Hover/Rollover buttons a navigation button that changes when the mouse is positioned over it
HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) the predominant language used to create web pages
Hyperlink connection from one page to another or from one site to another
Image map a region on a web page that contains one or more hot spots
JavaScript language used to add special effects to a website
Navigational map the organizational structure of a website
Page banner a section of a web page containing a graphic element and text, such as the page title, that is displayed at the top of the page
Plug-in one of a set of software modules that integrate into web browsers to offer a range of interactive and multimedia capabilities
Publishing sending or uploading web pages to a server where they are made available on the Word Wide Web
Site map a list of the pages in a website; also referred to as a site index
Template a set of predesigned formats for text and graphics on which new pages and webs can be based. After a page or web is created using a template, you can customize the page or web
Thumbnails miniature representations of a picture
Web hosting providing space on Internet servers for the storage of World Wide Web sites which can be accessed by others through the network. This service is usually offered by ISPs or web hosting specialists
Web-safe colors 216 colors that appear consistently across web browsers and across computer platforms
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