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MMII Final

Drain Damp/ Transform Damp

Fu Ling Promote urination and leach out dampness Strengthen SP and Harmonize MJ Transform Phlemg Calm Shen
Zhu Ling Promote Urination and reduce Edema
Yi Yi Ren Prmote urintaiton Stop diarrhea fear heat and expel pus expel damp heat treament for plantar warts
Hua Shi Promote urination and drain heat from UB Clear summer heat absor damp
Ze Xie Promote urination and leach out dampness Drain KD fire
Che Qian Zi PromotPromote urination solidify stoll clear the eyes expel phelegm and stop cough
Dong Gua Ren Clear heat expel phlegm promote discharge off pus clear damp
Dong Ku Zi Promote Uriantion unblock painful dysfunction benefit breasts promote lactation moisten intestine
Han Fang Ji Promote urination reduce edema expel wind damp and alleviate ppain
Guan Fang Ji Expel wind danp promote urination and reduce edema
Mu Tong Promote urination and drain heat from HT via Si Promote lactation and unblock the blood vessel
Tong Cao Promote urinationa nd clear heat promote lacatiation
Deng Xin Cao Preomote urination and leach out dampness clear heat from Ht channel; used for pediatric sleep disorder and insomnia in adult from T-Kd disharmony
Yin Chen Hao Clear damp heat from LV and GB: principal herb fro jaundice clear heat and release exterior
Di Fu Zi Clear damp heat and promote urination expel damp and stop itching for damp skin disorder
Qu Mai Clear damp heat promote urinationclear damp heat promote urination and unblock painful urinatry dysfunction break up blood stasis unblock the blowels
Bian Xu Clear damp heat promote urination and unblock painful urianry dysfunction expel parasites and top itching
Shi Wei Clear damp heat promote uriatnio and unblock painful uriantyr dysfunction clear heat and stop bleeding clear lu and expel phlegm and stop cough
Bi Xie sepatarate pure from turbid of resolving tubid dampness in lj manifesting in cloudy urine or vaginal discharge expel wind damp releax sinews and unblock channels cear damp heat from the skin
Jin Qian Cao Clar damp hea unblock painful uriatnry dysfunction and expel sontes clearn damp hea in LV and GB reduce toxicity and welling
Hai Jin Sha Promote urnation unblock painful urinary dribblid and expel stone promte urnation reduce edema and decrease jaundic
Yu Mi Xu PPromtoe urnation Benfifite GB and remove jaundice for wasting and thirsding disorder
Chi Xiao Dou Promote uriatnion and reduce edemas faciliatee there resolution of dampness and heat dispose blood stasis reduce swelling and reduce fire tocisiity
Ban Bian Lian Promore urnation and reduce edema Cool blood and reduce toxicity
Huo Xiang Aromatically transform damp for turbid damp from MJ Harmonize MJ and stop vomiting reease the exterios and transfer tubitidty: for early stage o damp warm febrile diseases or summerheat
Pei Lan Aromatically transform damp: for damp obstructiong in MJ Transform damp and release summer heat
Cang Zhu Strongly dry damp and strengthen SP Expel Wind damp Clear damp in the LJ Induce sweating and release the Exterior disorder: for headache body ache absence of seating oozing yin sores due to wind cold damp improve vision
Hou Po Move qi, transform damp and dissove stagnaiton Warm and transform phlegm and direct rebellious qi downward
Bai Dou Kou Aromatically transform damp warm MJ and direct rebellious Qidownward for nausea/vomiting Move Qi and transform stagnation
Sha Ren Transform damp and stop vomiting Move Qi and Straghten St Calm the fetus also used fro preventing stagnation from tonifying herbs
Cao Dou Kou Dry Damp and warm Mj
Cao Guo Strongly dry damp and disappears cold Check malarial disorders Dissove STagnation and dtention
Du Huo Disperse widn danp and stop pain for bi syndromes Expel wind cold damp and release exterior Also used for Lesser Yin HA and toothache
Qin Jiao Disperse wind decamp and relax the sinews Clear heat from deficiency Resolve damp and remove jaundice Moisten the intestines
Wei Ling Xian Disperse wind damp unblocks the channels and alleviate pain Soften and transform fish bones Used for focal distenstnion and accumulation in the MJ
Hai Tong Pi Disperse wind damp and unblocks the channels Promote urination and reduces edema Treats itching skin lesions
Cang Er Zi Disperse wind damp Open the Nasal Passages Dispel Exterior Wind
Mu Gua Relax sinew and unblock the channels Harmonize ST and stransfrom damp Reduce food stagnation
Shen Jin Cao Dispel wind and eliminate dampness Relax the sinews and invigorate the collaterals
Sang Zhi Disperse widn damp and unblocks the channels and bnefit the joints used for edema
Xi Xian Cao Disperse wind damp and stregthen the sinews calm shen clear heat and pacify Lv transform damp heat used for hypertesnions
Wu Jia Pi Disperse Wind damp and strengthen the bones transform damp and recue swelling
Sang Ji Sheng Tonify LV and KD streghtn the sinews and bones, expel wind damp nourish blood and calm womb nourish blood and benefit the skin
Qian Nian Jian Dispel Wind damp and strethen the nosiness and bones
Xu Chang Qing Dispel wind, invigorate blood and stop pain Resolve toxicity and stop itching
Hai Feng Teng Dispel Wind Damp and unblock the Channels and Collaterals
Luo Shi Teng Dispel Wind Damp and unblock the collatersals Cool the blood and reduce swelling
Bai Hua She Unblock the channels and extinguish wind Dispel widnfrom th eskin Dispel wind from the sinews
Song Jie Dispel wind, dry dampness and stop pain
Herbs Contraindicated for Pregnancy Shen Jin Cao Yi Yi Ren Hua Shi CheQian Zi Dong Kui Zi Mu Tong Tong Cao Qu Mai Hou Po
Herbs Contraindicated for Yin Deficiency Du Hou Wu Jia Pi Bai Hua She Han Fang Ji Guang Gang Ji Mu Tong Tong Cao Bi Xie Huo Xiang Pei Lan Cang Zhu Bai Dou Kou Sha Ren Cao Dou Kou
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