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Windows 7 MCTS

If you want to find the MAC address of a computer that has already had the WinRM Quickconfig command executed on it, what command would you use? (the computer's name is Wellington) inrs -r:Wellington ipconfig /all
Where does Windows 7 first look for drivers when you plug in a PNP device? c:\Windows\inf
What would you use for fine grain control of UAC? Local GPO
what does ZTI mean? i.e. if someone asked you to do a ZTI windows installation. Zero Touch Installation?
What command would you use to view the shares on a windows 7 computer? net share
What would you use to transfer user encryption certificates between Windows XP and Windows 7? 1. USMT (User State Migration Tool) 2. Windows Easy Transfer
When Performing a wipe and load migration, which USMT store types reduce HDD Space used? Hard-Link
What OS would you boot too and what tool would you use to create a Windows 7 Installation WIM image? Boot to Windows PE and use ImageX
What Command would you use to remove all unique system information from a Windows 7 Installation? Sysprep /Generalize
How do you launch Windows 7 Reliability Monitor from Command Prompt? Perfmon /rel
What tool in MDT 2010 can you use to display a message on the Welcome Screen? UDI Wizard Designer
You have 2 folders on the same drive, A and B, whose permissions and contents are different. If you were to copy a file from A to B, what permissions will the file end up with? Permissions inherited from the B Folder
Created by: Krolik314