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Materia Medica Introduction

Earliest extant treatise on Chinese Medicine and herbs Divine Farmer's Classic of Materia Medica
Divine Farmer's Classic of Materia Medica Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing
Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing number of herbs 365 herbal substances
What basic concepts were introduced in Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing? Temperature (Si Qi), Taste (Wu Wei), Toxicity, Medicinal action
Who completed a huge Materia Medica book and in how many years Li Shi Zhen, 27 years
What is the name of Li Shi Zhen's book? Ben Cao Gang Mu (Grand Materia Medica)
Purpose of Processing and Preparing Herbal Substances Eliminate or decrease toxins, side effects or the intensity of an herbal substance, Change actions of herbs, Ease of storage, Clean and prepare for use as medicine.
Mechanical methods to process/prepare cleaning, sorting, sifting, scraping, peeling, slicing, winnowing.
Methods which utiize water (3) Moisten the herb to soften before slicing, Soak and wash to remove unwanted properties. Aqueous trituration (Minerals are ground with water until fine powder)
Methods which utilize fire Dry-fry, fry w/ liquids, calcine, roast in ash, dry cure or bake
Dry fry Chao (dry herbs for storage or to more easily break down to pieces; dirt and wheat used in order to change actions of herb)
Fry w/ liquids Zhi
Fry w/ liquids; Honey Tonifies/moistens
Fry w/ liquids; Wine/Hard liquor Invigorates blood and alleviates pain
Fry w/ liquids; Ginger Antidote (warm/soothes ST)
Fry w/ liquids; Vinegar Smoothes liver/alleviates pain
Fry w/ liquids; Salt water Tonifies KD
Liquids to fry w/ liquids (5) honey, ginger, salt water, vinegar, wine
Calcining Duan; adds astringent action and renders the substance brittle and easy to pulverize; usually applied to minerals and shells (add heat 800-1000)
Roasting in ashes Wei: wrap the herb in moistened paper, paste (flour dough) or mud and heat it in hot cinders.
Dry curing or baking Bei or Hong: use slow, mild heat to avoid charring the herb.
Methods which utilize heat and water boiling, steaming, quenching, simmering, decoctions
Boiling Zhu
Steaming Zheng
Quenching Cui
Simmering Ao
Decoctions Tang: most common in ceramic or earthenware pots w/ water/wine/vinegar as solvents
High flame Wu huo, military fire
Low flame Wen huo, civilian fire
Soak herbs for 30min-1 hr
In general formulas are cook for 20-30 mins
Formulas that release exterior or contain aromatic herbs cooked for 10-15mins
Tonic or rich/chunking, cloying herbs cooked for 45-60mins
Decoct herbs number of times twice
Decoctions rx Take warm, twice/day
Herbs to decoct first Toxic herbs (30-45mins) and Minerals/Shells (20-30mins)
Herbs to add near end Aromatic herbs (4-5mins before end) and some herbs have much stronger affect if prepared near end (ie. rhubarb root for constipation rather than moving blood)
Herbs decocted in gauze/cheesecloth/coffee filter Herbs w/ cilia (fine, hair like structures), small seeds, some minerals
Herbs separately decocted/simmered rare/very expensive herbs to obtain maximum effect, often sliced very thin and then cooked in double boiler (2-3hours) (ie. cordyceps, deer antlers, ginseng)
Herbs to be dissolved in strained decoction highly viscous or sticky substances (ie. donkey skin gelatin)
Herbs to be taken with strained decoction expensive, aromatic substances that cannot be heated/boiled, must be ground into powder and taken w/ decoction
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