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(10) Unit 3 Vocab

Bill l'addition (f)
Ghost le fantome
Pumpkin la citrouille
Tax la taxe
Asparagus les asperges
Maple syrup le sirop d'erable
Coffee (with milk) le cafe (au lait)
Mistake/error l'erreur
Witch la sorciere
Costume le costume
Waffle la gaufre
Sheet le drap
Lolly/sweet le bonbon
Vegetarian vegetarien(ne)
Cool/fresh frais, fraiche
True vrai(e)
Disgusting degoutant(e)
To seem sembler
To decide decider
To congratulate feliciter
To sculpt/to carve sculpter
To choose choisir
To forget oublier
To blush rougir
To finish finir
To celebrate feter
To fill remplir
Anything else? Et avec ca?
Finally finalement
Congratulations! Felicitations!
I would like Je voudrais
To agree etre d'accord
Hip hip hurrah!! Hip hip hip hourra!!
Me neither Moi non plus
With pleasure avec pleasure!
still, yet encore
Guess what! Devinez!
Created by: sophie-od