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(10) Unit 1 Vocab

Student Exchange l'exchange (m) scolaire
Internet cafe le cybercafe
Answer la reponse
Email l'e-mail
Friend (boy) le copain
Patience la patience
Eyes les yeux
Gate/door la porte
Friend (girl) la copine
Hair les cheveux
Penfriend le correspondant la correspondante
To meet eachother se recontrer
To introduce presenter
To sell vendre
To wait (for) attendre
To look like ressembler a
To send envoyer
To correspond correspondre
To answer repondre
To participate (in) participer a
Slim mince
Bald chauve
Curly ondules
Frizzy frise(e)
Blond blond(e)
Impossible impossible
Mid-length mi-long(ue)
Straight raide
Calm down!! Du calme!!
Not at all Pas du tout
I'm going/I'm off!! J'y vais
As usual Comme d'habitude
To check if one has any emails. Verifier si on a des emails
We've been waiting for ages! Ca fait une eternite qu'on attend!!
Rather/fairly assez
Someone quelqu'un
I hope so! J'espere que oui!
as...as aussi...que
less...than not as...as moins...que
more...than plus...que
Created by: sophie-od