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Eye diagnosis

Gio Ch 23

Dull or clouded Mind disturbance, essences of 5 yin organs weakened, long term & deep emotional problems
Red corner of eye Ht fire
Dull white corners Heat
Pale white corners Blood xu
Red sclera Lung heat
Yellow sclera Damp heat
Whole eye, red, painful, swollen invasion of w/h or Liv fire
Swelling under eyes Kid xu
Gray & scattered spots like clouds Injuries causing qi stag
Deep black spots like black sesame seeds Injury causing stasis of blood
Black spots surrounded by a gray, cloud like halo Injuries to both qi & blood
Red veins clearly visible & spiral shaped Pain
Corners of eye relate to which organ? Heart
Upper eyelid relates to which organ? Spleen
Lower eyelid related to which organ? Stomach
Sclera relates to which organ Lung
Iris relates to which organ? Liver
Pupil relates to which organ? Kidney
Upper part of sclera relates to Back
Lower part of sclera relates to chest
Created by: c-rex