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Ch. 23

Gio Maciocia

Simple questions facial diagnosis: where do the zang show on the face? Left cheek= Liv…Forehead= Ht…..Nose= Sp…R cheek=Lung….Chin= Kidneys … all red with heat.
Small head, long face, broad shoulders, straight back, sinewy body, tall, small hands/feet – What 5 E body type? Wood Also greenish complexion
Wide teeth, pointed small heat, well developed shoulder muscles, curly hair or not much hair, small hands & feet, walks briskly. What 5 E body type? Fire Also reddish complexion
Round face, wide jaw, large heat, well developed shoulders & back, large abdomen, large thighs & calves, well built muscles. What 5 E body type? Earth
Square face, small head, small shoulders & upper back, flat abdomen, strong voice. What 5 E body type? Metal, also pale face
Wrinkly skin, large head, broad cheeks, narrow shoulders, large abdomen, long spine. What 5 E body type? Water, also dark complexion
Large barrel chest & epigastrium indicates: Full condition of Lu &/or St
Large overweight thighs indicates: Sp xu
Thin body indicates: Yin xu
Overweight body indicates: Yang xu & phlegm
Small movements & continuous fidgeting, especially of legs, indicates: Empty heat pattern of Kid
Tremors & convulsions indicate _____ while fine tremors & tic indicate ___ Both indicate Liv wind, but convulsion indicate full wind, while fine movements indicate empty wind
Stiffness & rigidity indicates Qi stag, blood stasis, internal wind
Created by: c-rex