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Stuff I Don´t Know

Evil Norse Goddess and mistress of Loki; mother of Fenrir, Jormungard, and Hel. Angrboda
God of Agriculture and Weather. Often seen with his dwarven-made boar and magic sword. Freyr
In Norse mythology, a land of fire and desolation ruled by Surt the Fire Demon Muspell
In Norse Mythology, the two ravens of Odin; represent Thought and Memory. Huginn and Muninn
In Norse mythology, the fallen warriors of Valhalla. Destined to fight at Ragnarok Einherjar
Also known as the world Serpent, in Norse mythology it encircles the Earth and signals the coming of Ragnarok. Slain by Thor, but kills him with its venom Jormungard
The well of knowledge. Odin sacrificed an eye to drink from it. The Well of Mimir
The cosmic void which seperates Niflheim and Muspell Ginnungagap
God of Poetry and Eloquence.Son of Odin Bragi
Created by: AlexHerbener